Spanish Fast Revolution- Sourced from HG- TWC Patch 1.03

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Spanish Fast Revolution- Sourced from HG- TWC Patch 1.03

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:44 am

Three's the charm, they say so here is my third strategy making use of the revolution feature in TWC. (Yes, the one I declared to be completely useless on several occasions.) The basic idea is the same as for my Argentine Rush, but this time I chose the Spanish. They can choose between two quite strong Revolutionaries (O'Higgins and Hidalgo) and have a faster shipment rate which leads to faster reinforcements for the revolutionary army.
The idea of this strategy is to advance to industrial as quickly as possible, revolt immediately, and go after the enemy base at with an army of

- some 35 Colonial Militia
- 19 Imperial Hussars
- 4 Falconets
- 2 Heavy Cannons (or 3 Mortars)

with another shipment due to arrive about when the attack hits, and several more to follow shortly afterwards. I can be at the enemy base in a little under 13 minutes; better players could probably be quicker. Ok, here we go:

Chilean Rush

Spanish Fast Revolution Strategy

Necessary Homecity Level:
- 50+ (better yet 60+)

Necessary Cards:
- 3 Settlers
- 4 Settlers
- 5 Settlers
- 5 Hussars
- 2 Falconets (Age 3)
- 2 Heavy Cannons

These cards are for the "perfect" build order presented here. See below for an example deck, and for some more points on deck construction.

Discovery Age

Start out with the usual stuff: Collect crates, create settlers, build houses as necessary, start herding, scouting and gathering treasures. Send 3 Settlers as your first card; don't send another one until you reach Age 2.
For age up you have a number of options: The Bishop (2 Settlers) is usually my first choice, right now I'm trying to find out if the Philosopher Prince (500 food) could speed things up a bit. Even the Governor (1 Outpost Wagon + 200 coin) is not to be frowned at, especially if you expect early trouble or a shortage on gold. Take your pick.
If you didn't start with 200 wood, make sure that you don't run out of population space when you reach Age 2!

Colonial Age

You should have two shipments ready upon reaching Age 2, so send 5 Settlers and 4 Settlers immediately afterwards. Keep creating Settlers, concentrate on food and coin (You want to get to Age 3 as quickly as possible!), but gather enough wood to keep well below the population cap. Build houses as required you will need a total of 7 before you reach Age 4. Don't build anything else!
Save your next shipment for Age 3 if you don't absolutely need some military to beat off an enemy attack. Your explorer, some dogs, TC fire and possibly minutemen are quite capable to fight off a first wave, depending on what the opponent brings in.
Age up gets even more complicated than before as all four options are viable: The Scout (4 Hussars) is my first choice, as the goal is to strike with a large force of (Imperial) Hussars later on. The Sergeant (8 Pikemen) and the Adventurer (4 Pikemen, 4 Crossbowmen) are more defensive options, depending on the kind of opposition you expect to face. Even the Admiral (1 Caravel + 400 wood) has his merits if you are short on wood or want to wreak havoc on enemy fishing boats. Also, if your TC is close enough to the shore a Caravel can provide surprisingly effective support in beating off enemy attacks.

Fortress Age

You should have two shipments ready upon reaching Age 3, so send 5 Hussars and 2 Falconets immediately afterwards. If a third shipment becomes available, save it for Age 4 unless you are sure you will get another one in time!
You don't want to stay in Age 3 longer than absolutely necessary. So keep creating Settlers, but stop immediately once you have the resources to age up. Concentrate on gathering food and coin, but don't forget the wood. Apart from the 7 houses mentioned above you want to have 1000 wood ready upon reaching Age 4 to be able to revolt immediately.
Once again, the choice is all yours for age up. I prefer the Engineer (2 Falconets) as the artillery will come in handy in the following attack, but depending on the troops your opponent is fielding the King's Musketeer (10 Musketeers), the Cavalry Marshal (5 Lancers) and the War Minister (10 Rodeleros) can all be good choices.

Industrial Age

You should have at least one shipment ready upon reaching Age 4, so send 2 Heavy Cannons. They will take 40 seconds to arrive. If you revolt a little less than 10 seconds before that point and they will arrive together with the revolutionary forces. Choosing O'Higgins will give you 10 Imperial Hussars and at the same time upgrade all your existing Hussars.
Go after the enemy base immediately with everything you've got; you should be there in less than 13 minutes. Another shipment should be just about ready by then, and more will come in quickly as the fighting starts. Bring those troops in as fast as you can Gatling Guns if you are dealing with lots of infantry, Colonial Militia for everything else. And of course, Ironclads if you can drop them close enough to the enemy base for some offshore support.
The key is to throw everything at the opponent in a single, hard blow. Once you have hit that revolution button your economy comes to a complete halt, every second you lose from then on works only to your disadvantage. You crush the enemy town almost instantly, or you will lose just as fast if he manages to fight off your troops. Either way, the game will be over very quickly.

Example Deck

I use the following deck:

Age 1:
- 3 Settlers
- Advanced Trading Post
Age 2:
- 4 Settlers
- 5 Settlers
- 700 Food
- 700 Wood
- 700 Coin
- 8 Pikemen
- 7 Rodeleros
- Advanced Arsenal
- Royal Decree
Age 3:
- 1000 Food
- 1000 Wood
- 12 Pikemen
- 9 Rodeleros
- 5 Hussars
- 4 Hussars
- 2 Falconets
- Fort
Age 4:
- 7 Hussars
- 4 Culverins
- 3 Mortars
- 2 Heavy Cannons
- Factory
- Industrial Revolution

As you can see, it contains a lot of cards I don't even plan to use. The point is that those make the strategy flexible. The resource crates can be used to get around resource shortages, the different military shipments to adapt to whatever the opponent fields. Cards like Advanced Arsenal, Factory or Royal Decree come only into play if the strategy has gone completely off track. All those cards can be replaced according to your personal preferences.

Do's and Don'ts

A Fast Revolution strategy can be relatively easily forced off track by an early attack. The build order as described above works only this smooth if your opponent leaves you alone for the about 12 minutes you need to pull it off. So of course it is best used against a turtling or booming opponent.
Therefore it is even more important than usual to actively scout your opponent to find out what he is up to. Use a dog or three for that, as they are relatively cheap and easily available.
Don't be afraid to bail out if necessary! Forget about saving up shipments for Age 3 if you come under attack in the Colonial Age. Use your military shipments, that's what they are in the deck for. In a situation like that I'd still recommend going to Age 3, but then forget about Age 4 for a while, and definitely forget about Mr. O'Higgins. Instead, build up your army and continue to grow economically "as usual". The deck should provide enough flexibility to do that. There will be another day for a revolution!
Another point where scouting comes into play is your Age 4 shipment. You'll get only one before the revolt, so choose wisely. 2 Heavy Cannons are probably the most flexible choice as they can be used effectively against almost any kind of troops or buildings, but depending on the opposition you face 7 (Imperial!) Hussars, 4 Culverins or 3 Mortars might be better up for the job at hand. The same goes for your Age 3 shipments and of course for your Industrial Age politician. They offer a lot of flexibility, so make use of that.

Mexican Rush ?

Speaking of flexibility, one point I only came across while writing this guide: If you didn't manage to ship in your Hussars earlier, or if you lost most of them it might be an idea to choose Hidalgo as your revolutionary politician. This would make the whole thing a Mexican Rush with an attack army of something like

- some 35 Colonial Militia
- 10 Outlaw Riders
- 10 Outlaw Pistoleros
- 9 Rodeleros
- 8 Pikemen
- 4 Falconets
- 2 Heavy Cannons

That doesn't look completely unimpressive either. I'll have to try it at some point.

Ok, that's about it. I might upload a recording or two if I get a chance, but we usually don't save them on the LAN.

Once again, thanks to everyone I discussed the revolution feature with here, there and everywhere. You might find some of your ideas in here. Not that I won't take all the credit, but I might need someone to blame for any bad ideas people may find.


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