Blowgunner's Portuguese FF (Moved from another thread)

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Blowgunner's Portuguese FF (Moved from another thread)

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Sat Sep 27, 2008 2:32 pm

The Portuguese Fast Fortress


cards: AGEII: 700 gold

AGEIII: 1000 wood, 8 halb, <attack> 1000 gold, merc. card

Armies: 3 organ guns defended by the 8 halb, *at 6:45-7 minutes

2 organ guns *at 7:30

3organ guns defended by 9 muskts(or merc). *at <9 minutes

*and when i say LESS THAN, mean it.


Many civís simply cannot keep up with Portugalís Economy in age two. However, AGEIII Portugal has Undisputedly the best economy. Being that when Portugal gets there, the 3 town centers are already built. Portugal recives a town center everytime it ages. This gives the unmatched ability to spawn more settlers than every other civ. Additionally, the two Super-Troopers that were mentioned earlier arenít available till the Fortress Age.

The muskteer rush is better for France, Ottoman, Spanish, Germany, and Portugal, but not Britian, Dutch, or a Russian rush.

For these reasons, I find it effective to use a Fast Fortress strategy versus any civ that is Britian, Dutch, and sometimes* Russia(I feel Russia is the bane of the Portugal Empire, so i devised a totally seperate strategy for them. just for Games against russia, but that's later).

Sometimes I can still FF during a Russian Rush because having two town centers makes it incredibly difficult for them to hurt my economy than theirs. Simply erecting a wall around your two town centers with a herd or 2 in the middle can nullify ANY rush attack for a short time. The Fast Fortress can be extremely effective. Here's the Build Order starting at Age2 for an aging time of 5:55.
This starts off where the first post stopped at AGEI. So does the next thread. So:

-Click AgeII button using 400 wood politician

-Move 3 settlers to Gold (300 gold)

-Leave rest of settlers on food (1600 food) 1200+400

-Queue up 4 settler from TC

-As soon as you age, send the 2nd town center wagon to the far end of of the map, on one side of your enemy (by a herd and a coin-mine), thus to keep him off resources. Your enemy can't kill a TC fast enough for you to age (especially b/c the nomadic Age has no military). Keep out of sight, don't build too close, and don't let him get on to what you are doing. Player skill goes a long way. Also keep in mind both TC's must always be queuing settlers. If you don't do so, you don't take advantage of this civilization's bonus. Since you can queue settlers twice as fast as any other civ now, you can afford to have them gather what food you need to age, instead of using the 500 food politician .

-Use 700 gold Shipment.

-Shortly after your shipment arrives you should hit 1200 food 1000 gold (at approx the same time).

-Click to AgeIII.. Here, you have a couple options:

1. Marksman-Sacrifice super-fast age time for a stronger military in Age2, and use the 6 Cassador politician
2. Exiled prince-Get a super-fast age time (5:55-6:25), which will give you access to Age3 cards more quickly.

3. You need to decide what card you are likely going to send once you hit age3 after sending the 1000 wood.

The fastest AND best army you can have here is:

-3 organ guns Defended by a shipment of 8 Halb. --- Need only 1 building: Artillery foundry.

then send in

-2 more organ guns

then send in

-3 more organ guns Defended by a shipment of 9 muskt

2 min, 01 sec- how lon it takes 20 settlers all on gold to gather all the resourses needed. 2400 gold.

Use your 2nd TC base to make a Artillery Foundery, make 4-5 more houses ONLY(need the rest for making oragn guns), and set the 2nd TC to the (HomeCityDropOffPoint.) This move is equivelent to taking the long way around your enemies fb(if he has one). Destroy your enemies settlers, and wait for his army to come gallivanting back to his base. Destroy his army; you have a 30-population army. Organ guns destroy everything, and your halb. take melee damage for your low health cannons. Do not forget that if he rebounds from this attack, which he shouldnít, you have already taken the lead from which he cannot recover. Never forget that, and never give up once you are at this point.

*all cannons have the 75% resistance, so if a infantry shoots at it with 20 attack damage, the Cannon only loses 5 hit points. The object of the game is to be more cost effective than your enemy, so as long as nothing melee's your cannons, you will most likely win.

Don't gather ANY wood, which is the slowest gathering resource. All shipments make up for this.
Donít forget to have a constant settler production from your 3 TCís, or you neglect your civilizationís bonus.

A lot of times players will make the mistake of trying to keep up with you rush themselves into Fortress Age without making much military in hopes of competing with whatever you throw at them. IF this is the case then you just got very lucky. Where as they will get to the Third Age and have nothing, in the two minutes after you clicked that Exiled Prince Politician, you will have a army greater than anything he can throw at you. Including the 4 mamelmukes. They go down surprising fast, just make sure they donít reach your cannons. Place them between two of your enemies buildings, and station Halbís at either side of that ďalleyĒ.

The other thing that can happen is that they attempt to send whatever military they have at your doorstep and try to take you down before you get your shipments.. this can present a problem, but it is counterable. If this happens, you need to make sure you have 150f and 150g for Minutemen. Your minutemen and TC fire should hold them off for long enough so your army can arrive and wipe out their military, as well as give you enough XP and buy you some time for a 2nd shipment so you can go in and finish them off.

The other possibility here is that you chose to go the Marksman (6 Cassador route). This will ensure that you have a defense when they come, but wont get you the 30 pop army in. The only problem is that you will probably not get your army until 6:45- 7:15 minutes into the game, where you are completely vulnerable to enemy attacks up until that point. Although, it gives you Skirmishers which will counter any Muskets they have, this path only give you 115x6=720 resources, where this game is all about time. This is too long.

You should currently have a 17 villager eco. Make 5 more, then stop. Seeing as 20 villies on gold should give you a sufficient gold income to keep spaming organ guns. The important thing is that you can put enough houses down for your army, and eventually a barracks sometime after you send your army away. Once you have all 8 cannons, 9 muskt, and 8 halbs attacking, start settler prodution up again. Don't forget to, or you will suffer late game.

I would also strongly recommend searching for treasures that help you age, or that can give you enough exp. to set up your fort.

So, 22 villies, and here is a recap on all the shipments for a great FF:

AGEII: 700 gold

AGEIII: 1000 wood, 8 halb, <attack> 1000 gold, 9 muskt

during this, you should have sent in:

3 organ guns defended by the 8 halb, *at 6:45-7 minutes

2 organ guns *at 7:30

3organ guns defended by 9 muskts. *at <9 minutes

*and when i say LESS THAN, mean it.

*also, i send my explorer into the enemy tc b4 my army gets there, to see what units he has. This is one of those tips that you will forget, and then remember and use once you gt really really good. I also send 1 settler into battle to erect a wall right at the edge of the enemy tc FOR my artillery to hide behind. This is a good idea if ur enemy is massing muskt, or calv. Massing Calv take time, and it is a garuntee a Regular civ will have no more than 8 calvary when you arrive. Which, you should already have been in his Town and killing all his settlers. 8 haldb's take care of any calvary numbering less than 18. Calv lose FAST to anti-calv infantry.

Exceptions- Germany has uhlans that cost 100 gold and 50 food. that's 25% cheaper, so they will have a MAX of 25. Russian suck at calv, but has 2 cards which equal 9 cossacks which die easy, but are really easy to get, so chances are, you will see these more often than the other civs.

if this doesn't works, you have either: utterly failed as a human being or your opponent is really good. Like 1stLeuit+++. IF he is, age again with 10 muskt's and send the Portuguese Expeditionary Force-6 dragoons and 6 cassadors, make a mortar, and send the mortar to take down any defenses he has, which would be towers, or a fort. put the muskt's into defend mode and line the cassadors infront of the must's with dragoons on either side of the 6 cassadores.

AND, if he manages to age and get culvrins or falc's, use the dragoons in MELEE mode. As ranged attacks will take 3 times as long to kill the artillery piece.

PS: you should have 30 villies on food, 20 on gold, and 10 on wood by 14 minutes. Should be GG in less than 10 minutes though.


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