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10/10 Rush, a little different way Empty 10/10 Rush, a little different way

Post  wogeg on Mon Oct 06, 2008 11:41 pm

I hope this method works as a little new way of the Indian 10/10 Rush.
So far, as I play, it works not only for 1vs1 but also for 2vs2 (but not that great in 3vs3).

Here what's special along with the basic things written in 10/10 rush above this topic.

The fist card should be different.

Use "Advanced Wonders for the first shipment".

the great point of this card is that it let you construct your agra fort 20percent faster plus 50percent tougher wonder.
It means your agra fort get 7500HP.

The main reason why this card should be chosen as the first card is because you want to break enemy forward base or some forward villagers and if you can just go to crush enemy TC. or you may ofcoz kill some villagers and escape to agra.

Usually when you age up with agra, your age up time is not that great. usually enemy recognize agra and have time to prepare for the first sepoys or sepoys plus gurkha troop. but what if you age up much quicker than enemy's expectation? you almost age up maybe faster than him or just same. To do so, I usually send 3 vills at around when you get 680foods and let them construct the agra fort as soon as possible.

After you get two sepoys, your second card should be 5sepoys. moreover, you have to train your sepoys once after you build up your agra fort.
So you can pretty quickly have 10 or some more sepoys plus your two elephant heros. If your opponet is trying to construct the forward base then use your two sepoys to kill enemy settlers. around the time you get trained sepoys for helps and then you will get 5 sepoys. You usually can beat enemy FB down. At the point, you have advantage because enemy lost one or some villagers plus a rax. It is so sure that your opponet has to be desperate to get the first military shipment as you have 10 or some more sepoys plus agra behind. So try to raid the first card military. If the first card is like 5ashigarus, then you got so much advance. just try to kill them then your opponet can just get sentries but do not go so deep because you do not want to lose your sepoys. If your opponets get like 9cross bows. Then use your heros to crush on them then your sepoys support shooting. Fortunately sepoys are great because they are tough. 190HP is really great that they do not really die so easily. As long as you are done for above things then you get much advantage because your opponet has to stay inside of his base and cannot really go far place to get meats. The third shipment should be 4sowars. It is same as original 10/10 rush. But the difference here should be you already broke down enemy's FB and first troops of him. Now go raid enemy vills. your sowars are for that. if your enemy get some more anti HI army, then use them to kill some. As long as you keep enemy small troops smaller number you are more wining. The primary object of this is to go for more map controlling plus more brutal raiding, and make your opponent cannot reach to second or third closest animals. You paid worse start up for eco, but you get much larger advantage from this. One thing that is very important on raiding is that Indian hero's can cure your units. Do not raid so much. Try not to lose your sepoys but try to kill at least one villager each time. Your elephant dueds will cure your injured sepoys. Then go again with some more sepoys that you trained.

As long as you keep raiding by your 10sepoys plus some more you keeping training and keep your opponet settlers pack into the TC, then you can easily surpass on the eco advantage plus big army advantage. As the choice for the afterwards, you can simply go to crush to your enemy TC by like 20 or more sepoys, or just make overall like 20sepoys at agra forts then go to third age by getting 600golds so that you can get awesome army shipments like 2 mohout lancers or 2 siege elephants depending on enemy civilization. Or you may just get "Foreign Logging" as the forth shipment because it worth a lot.

To says the bad aspects of this strat, you cannot have constant villager production because you did not get "Distrivutivism" as the first shipment. You have to make some more houses as you keep training sepoys so you sometimes have to choose train a villager or make a house. However, as I stated above, the primary object of this way is that to beat down the FB and small troops with a faster bigger size army so that you can get effective raiding plus more map controlling.

To add some more info about this strategy, the use of your elephant dudes are very important. They should not get treasures unless it is just around your TC or very easy like a treasure with one guardian. Spent as much time as possible to scout what enemy is doing. 1. Is his hero trying to find your agra fort? 2. Is his villager cutting wood at around the center of the map? 3. Where are animal troops around his TC? 4. In what rates his villagers gathering resorces?(Is he trying to FF? or Cross bows rush?) Whatever information you can get contributes how you should play; where is suitable place for agra (if your enamy try to stay in his base more than FB, then it is good to build agra more forwarded place.); where is his second animal troops he want? (many players want to get second animal troops toward his TC by using like a villager to shoot towadr his TC so this info let you know one of your SURE raiding points); is he actually trying to age up quicker than normal play? (like 10/10 rush, some players want to age up faster so knowing that he age up faster will let you adjust your way; you may not choose "Advanced Wonders" unless you see he is aging up quicker than normal by seeing his villager numbers.); and so on.

Sometimes you have to know that the quick 10sepoys FB breaking method cannot work effectively. Sometimes you would miss controlling or miss something important information of what enemy is trying to do. But do not worry. As long as you have agra fort, enemy cannot really want to attack you so quick anyways. So you sometimes decide for FF without making no more than 10 or 15 sepoys. Your tougher Agra is always your friend. you do not lose your army by letting your sepoys escape to your base but your 7500HP friend would take down more archer type units or making your enemy more pikemen kinds of army. It is still advantage. As long as you get to third age, your sepoys, elephants, plus one more kind of army that you get from shipment can let you defese well. If enemy just hav emany pikes, then 7urumis. They will just kill those nasty pikes so quickly supported by sepoys. If your opponent has more archer types then you can just get 2 or 3 mohout (maybe 3 mahout lancers are impossible to get at this moment when you just age to 3rd.) by shipment and kill those easy crossbows. If enemy come with horses, though I do not think enemy want to break your agra fort by many horses..., then get 2 howdhas to counter. If he try to bring 2falconets, then siege elephants. Just do not worry your agra fort. That is just an attractive building to be broken by your opponent. After he broke it then he wanna come to your TC. Even not, you just start making exellent camels. they run so fast so they can just go for raiding. And it is good to go because your enemy want to expand his map controlling again. So fast running camels let you still raiding around your opponent.

That's the sense of the tactic and what I do with it.

I hope it gives you guys a good sense for Indian 10/10 rush.

If you have some more better ways, for this start, to be written, please post.

Although I am not good at writing in English, Thanks for reading this post Smile


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