Portuguese ATP Colonial Strat- Sourced from A414A- Tad Patch 1.00

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Portuguese ATP Colonial Strat- Sourced from A414A- Tad Patch 1.00

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Tue Jul 29, 2008 8:57 am

I've come up with a new strat called the Port ATP Slam:

Required Cards:
Advanced Trading Post
700 wood
8 xbows and 6 muskets

Support Cards:
food and gold crated
Standard port fortress cards- 5 goons, 8 cassies, 7 cassies, 2 organs, 8 halbs, 9 muskets(probably not all)
C.M.(colonial militia)

The principal of this strat is to x-bow spam while getting a decent economy as well. This is an aggressive port strat which gets the port alot of map control. It works best on maps with 3 accessible trade routes but its do able on maps with only 2 as well.

Build Order:

1.)3 vills to hunts, herd towards tc, use tc as a way to move villes

2.)4 villes to crates

3.)Build a house and all villes to hunts

4.)Gather treasures with your explorer, use a spyglass in a spot where you think the enemy town is. Make sure you find the trade route spots.

5.)1st card-Advanced Trade Post

6.) Age up with 14 villes, with 400 wood politicion


7.)during age up put 7 on wood and leave 7 on food

8.)send 2 villes to forward hunts

9.)begin building trade posts, you should be making your second Trade post as you reach colonial

10.)TC waypoint to food

11.)Gather 400 wood crates with 2 wood villes

12.)Send in 700 wood

13.)Make a rx with forward villes

14.)Make a house back in your old base

15.)Place second TC next to rax, I like to put my rax near a trade post, and since they have an attack as well, makes it a hard fb to penetrate

*all of the above should be done somewhat quickly

16.)Start training xbows

17.)As the wood comes in from the 700 wood shipment build a 3rd TP as the map permits

18.)Research Stage coach, build more houses and xbows. I also like to put up a stratigec tower defending some hunts and a mine with the wood, but that isnt necesary.

19.)Card 3:8 xbows, make sure it comes to ur forward TC, and start to train villes from that tc

*from here it varies i usually try and get a 2nd rax up and do a dual rax xbow spam, going fort is another option using the trade posts to help fuel it

This strat gets you 13 xbows at around 6 minutes with a great fb and map control as well as a good eco. I like to put my villes mainly on food and my trade posts on wood, since wood gathers slower than food and the trade post delivers the same ammount you are saving alot of ville seconds by having it accumulate most of your wood.

I know that the ports arent the ottos, so why go trade posts? I do it mainly because even without silkroad trade route control is essential, and ATPS are kinda like Outposts with extra hp that gather resources for you. So hey? why not?


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