Ottoman Silk Road Colonial Strat- Sourced from A414A- TAD Patch 1.00

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Ottoman Silk Road Colonial Strat- Sourced from A414A- TAD Patch 1.00

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Tue Jul 29, 2008 9:00 am

I wont accept much credit for this because i nabbed it off that guy from heaven games So here goes, i would advised using the standard otto rush a bit first. THis strat is paticuarly effective vs germany and brits.


Age I

- 3 vills hunt, 3 on crates.
- Once you have 250 wood build a Trade Post (TP) with your explorer.
- All vills and TC waypoint on food once crates have been collected
- Ship 3 vills as 1st card
- Age as soon as possible when you have 800 food and with 400 wood politician.

I-II Transition (between ages)

- Move 2 vills to gold 3 on wood and rest on food way point gold
- Move 2 vills forward near the enemy base and make them hunt

Age II

- Get 2 vills to unpack 400 wood
- With that build your forward barracks and research stage coach
- Set TP to food
- 2nd card is Silk Road
- As soon as your barracks is up train 5 jans
- Build 2 houses
- Once you have 4 vills on gold switch waypoint to food
- Ship 700 wood (910 with SR)
- When you have 15 jans do the standard raid and do as much damage as you can
- With the 910 wood build an artillery Foundry and another 1-2 TPs

Depending on what you need switch the TPs between food and gold to supply abus guns and jans. After that ship 700 gold once again to supply abus which are the main instrument in this rish because they own infantry in colonial just keep them alive and you will own because most people will struggle with your jans let along your abus.


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