German Semi FF- Sourced from A414A- TAD Patch 1.00

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German Semi FF- Sourced from A414A- TAD Patch 1.00

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Tue Jul 29, 2008 10:53 am

The german semi ff
I got this strat off luigi, tried it once, and it kicks ass.

2 Settler Wagons to food, 1 to crates
get treasures, on heavy crate maps I go for a TP
Age with 17 villes(7villes+5 settler Wagons), 400 wood poli

4 Settler wagons to wood
Get a market up, try and get all the techs
Tc waypoint to coin

New villes to gold, get a rax up
When you have enough wood to train 10 xbows, plus the rax and some houses, take your wood villes to food and gold
Train 10 xbows out of rax
Ship in 9 xbows
Harrass with ur xbows
Ship in 3 SWs
Age up with skirm poli

Put some villes on wood
Get up some more houses, I like to get the 2nd gold tech
Make a stable

Spam skirms
Upgrade uhlans to vet, then spam uhlans
outmicro ur enemy, keep up ur villes, win
I like to get more TPs if possible, it really helps the germans


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