French Economic Semi FF- Sourced from A414A- TAD Patch 1.00

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French Economic Semi FF- Sourced from A414A- TAD Patch 1.00

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:08 am

French Economic Semi FF

I used this vs Harris and decided to post it on the forums.

This strat is to get u the 3 most important things in rush games, a good economy, a good military, and being in fortress age somewhat fast. This strat involves getting 18xbows, and then going to fort with a mighty economy.


3 vills to hunts, 2 to crates
basic french stuff, op exploring with scout, get treasures, etc.
Age with 14 villes(3 cdb card)
Age with 400 wood


6 vills to wood
get market up
get all 3 upgrades
*I like to turn my scout invisible and spy on my enemy around here*


Gather wood crated
Make rax and two houses, rax in ur town
Send in 8 xbows
Make 10 xbows from rax
Once u got all 10 xbows qued send ur wood villes to coin
All new villes to gold
Send in 4 cdbs
Keep making villagers
Age up with either 6 skirms or 4 hussars depending.
Keep ur enemy away with xbows, if hes rushing, then use them to fight it, if he isnt then use them for any nearby treasures, but stay on the defencive.


All gold villes to wood, leaving 3 on gold
Make a stable and a shitload of houses
Soon before age up completes send enough to food so u got 10 on food, leave 3 on wood, and the rest go to gold
All new villes to gold


Spam cuirsairs out of stable while sending in skirm shipments
OR...(if against much heavy infantry)
Spam skirms and send in cuirsairs(then start make cuirsairs too)
Pwn them

This strat gives u an amazing economy, which is protected by 18 xbows, and u get to fortress shortly after the 9th minute....Enjoy!


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