India FI- Sourced from A414A- Tad 1.01a Patch

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India FI- Sourced from A414A- Tad 1.01a Patch

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:11 pm

Are you looking for the greatest stratigy ever concieved? then look no further

what I like about this strat is that it gets you indy w/ 40 villes and no soldiers at about 13:00, yeah I know, OP

6 villes on wood, make house, age w/ taj, age w/ 4 villes
send distribusivism

TC waypoint to gold, have some clooecting food

Ship 700 food, when u have 500 food stop gathering from hunts
Age w/ tower of vicory w/ about 6 villes

U want some villes on wood so put some more on and keep a decent # on food and like 2 on gold for that necesaary extra 200 coin, I like to get a arket up now

Get 3 tcs up, all 3 of which are on food
Send 1000 coin
age w/ mansabar wonder

Get a rax or stable or both up
boom like a mofo

Ships 4 mahouts, which makes 6
spam shipments, I like infinate 9 urumis


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