Japanese Isolation Push- Sourced from A414A- Tad Patch 1.01a

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Japanese Isolation Push- Sourced from A414A- Tad Patch 1.01a

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Wed Jul 30, 2008 1:47 am

The main idea of this strat is to get a lot of very strong units out rather quickly, it will beat pretty much any rush and is strong because you can actually rush with it while your eco is growing much faster than a normal rush eco.

if you start with 300w, consider shrine booming. if you still choose this strat (which is necessary in some cases) build 2 shrines from the starting wood, one if you start with 200w. age with 13/14/15 vills, totally depends, and ALWAYS with toshugu shrine (no matter what strat you're doing). i mostly put 2 vills on wonder. first card 300w and during transition put ~3 vills on wood and switch shrines to wood. build a consulate from the 300w that u sent.

build rax or stable as soon as you reach age2 and send 300 export. depending on your military combo put either 55-45 food/gold (for nag) or 70-30 food/gold for ashi. don't ally with japs yet until export arrives, and when it does, do so immediately. start training the RI dudes from consulate (shinobi something), send ashigarus or yumis first 2 colonial cards, 4 vills if your up against a non-agressive opponent. go either naginata or ashigaru (rax or stable) and push with this very strong early combo. you can put the 3 vills of of wood if you have 3 shrines and a toshugu, they will provide you with enough wood to boom, you'll need vills to maintain military and vill production Smile
good cards later are 4 vills, 600 wood (for extra military building, i mostly send this if i want to go rax+stable, also provides wood for shrines), and military upgrade cards.

and that's it


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