British Musketeer Assualt- Sourced from HG- TWC Patch 1.02

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British Musketeer Assualt- Sourced from HG- TWC Patch 1.02

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:02 am

Before I say anything else, thanks to sahinthefalcon for pointing out that this is not a



so don't put as much hope as you would with a uber OP iro/dutch FF or Otto IOR rush as people with IQ<6 do.(hopefully you understand that it is hard to come up with a competitive brit strategy while the civil is plain as such.
The British civilization was well known for its powerful booming capacities. But how to utilize the uber manor boom into a rush was always a big problem, due to the fact that boom and rush was always a paradox. So Brit player was forced to either go for a manor boom and then muster military, or go straight for a rush while being housed at 30/40 pop and then ship 700 wood to boom.

But Here is my solution: The way to Rush while producing manor house and utilize resource shipment for a highly sustainable DOUBLE barrack musketeer rush that require very low HC level to be used effctivly, and it also grows as you add high level HC card into the equation.

Before I get the BO started, here is my normal timing with this strategy:

4:30-4:45, depends on how many manor house I built (which changes differently with regard to strating crates) with 17 Villagers or 14 Villager with wood trickle card(lv 25).

11 60 secs after reaching colonial, usually 5:40

Villager count : 17 before age-up, 21 during first assault(16 musketeer, at 6:30 the latest), 35 at 10:00 mark(before shiping 5 villagers)

Here is the list of nessary cards:

3 Villager

or its alernative

Distributivism(wood trickle)

6 Musketeers

700 Wood

700 Food

For players with HC lv < 10 ( I started a HC with this strategy, so I know the nessary procedures), the you need to subsitute in 2 villager, 600 wood and 600 food in to make this strategy running(25+ sec slower), but it still works at that level, and all card except 600 wood come from the starter deck, if you want to use this strategy, aim at 600 wood for your lv 2 card.

Why Musketeers: Because Ranged Heavy Infantry are one of the most vestaile unit in colonial and they only lose to one other type of unit ( range infantry , i.e skirmisher/cetans), they have powerful range attack as well as a decent melee damage and armor. They are also one of the key unit that brits need to stick on after the longbow nerf. Their resource cost also makes it easy to add hussar support after you eco had grown to a large enough scale without switching villagers.

Don't use this start against? Dutch/Russia(if they age quick enough)/Iros/Sioux/Ottos who are smart enough to train Abus Guns

On to the BO:


1. All villager on food crate till you hit 100 food and queue a viallger, then 2 villager got to hunt, 2 villager stay on food crate, 2 villager on wood crate( each villager on a different wood crate). Exploer go for treasure hunt (go for resources, this start run smoothly without any need of extra XPs)

2. After food crate had exhausted, 2 crate villager go to hunt (preferably another herd).

3. Build a manor as soon as you reach 135 wood, if you have 300 wood, built another one. If you start on Hispaniola with 400 wood, go chop 5 wood and build 3. On Carolina build 4

4. All new villager go to food, all manor builder and spam villager go to food as well. Herd is essencial for quick aging.

5. Try to locate a resource field close to opponent base with your exploer, preferably 1 coin mine, 1 herd & some trees.

6. If you built 1/2 manor house, your shipment normally comes in between 1:35-1:45 if you were treasure hunting, chose your deck and ship 3 villager/wood trickle ASAP.

7. After reaching 17(or 14 with wood trickle) villager, age-up when you have 800 food with the Governor(he is essencial)

During Transition:

1. Move 8(5 with wood trickle) villager to wood, 2 villager forward(to the forward location).

2. Queue 2 villager, set TC military way point to forward base.

3. After reaching 135 wood, build a manor house and way point it to coin, also shift click the builder to coin.

Colonial Age(4:35-4:45)

1. Ship 6 Musketeer ASAP and build a barracks with your 2 forward villager

2. Here is where the Governor's age-up feed back kicks-in : Musketeer requires large amount of food, and herds are remote and easy to raid. Use the outpost wagon from the Governor's disposal to secure your forward base and its hunts, and the 200 coin from his wallet also pays for 8 musketeers(you can have more villager on wood/food during age-up)

3. Move 2 wood villager(3 with wood trickle) to collect the coin crate, and then move them to coin mine

4. Build another manor house, pop 26(21 vil pop total, 20 at work)(-3 with wood trickle)/30(40) at the moment. Villager distribution : 965

5. Control group your barrack during construction, once its completed, queue 5 musketeers, and queue another one for emergency(make the production smoother).

6. Keep building manor house as wood rolls in, and raid him(take down a house if possible) with your 11 musketeer+exploer.
Tip: Use Stagger mode to maximize musketeer's range firing efficiency and increase the LOS of the whole formation.

7. Keep producing Musketeers and drop manor houses as wood rolls in, you could halt villager production if it has conflict with musketeer production, cause your manor house both give pop and act as a form of "villager production".

8. Next Card: 700 Wood

9. After the wood shipment have arrived, collect it with 2 wood villagers ASAP
Tip: task one villager on the 500 wood stack and another on the 100 stack for maximum gathering efficiency(less walking time in between crates).

10. As this gigantic bounty of wood rolls in and you were harrasing/housing him in his base( attack barracks if he stays in colonial and fight), task your forward villager to build another barracks(or a stable if he was massing range infantry(i.e skirmihser-ish unit or archers with HI bonus).

11. Now, whenever you reach 135 wood, build another manor with a coin/food villager and waypoint the manor to the resource you want the new spammed villager to gather. You should have 5/6 manors(or 4 with another outpost) before the crates was exhuasted(combined with your wood villagers), thats 5/6 new villagers( divide evenly between food and coin).

12. As you were building more manors and killing enemy unit inside his base, you should have enough XP to ship another card, chose 700 food Collect ASAP when it arrives(save collection tactic as 700 food).

13. Start double barrack spamming right before you start gathering 700 food, with a good enough manor building micro you should have no-problem getting 2 set of 10 musketeer out.
In case that you chosed to drop a stable, way point your 2 forward villager to coin(they were normally on food), and add another manor to get one more villager on coin. When the food rolls in, make sure hussar are your producition pioroty.

14. After this musketeer surge, you should have enough villager from manors to keep double(in case you chose a stable, let your wood stockpile at some point to add one more barrack) barrack spamming(8/10) and resume producing villager and you also have a 130+ pop and 30 ish villagers. The rest is up to you, but this strat probably took you close enough to the fringe of victory if you used it right and microed your villagers well.

GG! Wave the Union Jack like crazy after claiming victory

A few more tips that could help:

some nice cards: 700 coin(for fortress jump after giving a server hit to his eco)/musketeer(grenadier as well) HP/Attack/2 Caravel&Schooner(on water map)/Improved Grenade(to cause a false illusion to your oppoent that you were planing to use Fingon_NL's uber grenadier house buster strategyBritish Improved Grenadier "rush" and train cav )

Some GREAT cards: Wood Trickle/Advance Aresnal.

Wood Trickle: Unlike The coin & food trickle cards that works like 2 villagers, the wood trickle card that is avlialbe to britain and russia works as 2.5 villager(1.25/.5=2.5), it actullay works better than 3 villagers cause you don't need to pay walking time) and saves pop. The draw back was that if you are a uber 2K and your herding owns, 3 villager shipment might give your -10sec colonial time(which couldn't enjoy cause my micro sucks wn3d: )

Advance Arensal: It offers 4 different upgrade to musketeers, definitely a good card when you have to stick in colonial for a long time and fight him to the death.

Fencing School: Faster training for musketeer and all other infantries. A good choice when you hit a 35+ villagers.

I will have the deck pictures out as soon as I understand how to upload them

Best wishes to all Redcoats and enjoy!

God save the Queen!

Ranger General


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Re: British Musketeer Assualt- Sourced from HG- TWC Patch 1.02

Post  Blowgunner_1 on Fri Sep 26, 2008 12:38 pm

well, gee. that was extensive. If you just list what to ship and the army you are aimimg for, more people will be inclinded to read the whole thing.
as to the subject, it works. I play all 8 vanilla civs with expeirce.A major(british) used this strategy against me(Portugal), only with an addition. He used longbows, but only a few. Probly 12 Lngbows with his 35 musketeers. He was skittish at first, scouting with his army where my army was, but eventually came in and finished me off. Initail battle- xbows vs lbows and musktís. He used the supirior range of the longbows to keep me from skirmishing his muskts, and used the mass muskt to get himself a high siege rate. He aged 12 settlers, I 14 settlers. Im a lvl 29 currently in vannila. So anyways, gj


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Re: British Musketeer Assualt- Sourced from HG- TWC Patch 1.02

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Sat Sep 27, 2008 2:29 pm

Yeah, a combo of Longbows and Musks is great in that it has limited success at repelling counters whilst the musks retreatm although this particular technique would work a bit better with skirms. And the strats are meant to be extensive; if anyones gonna be looking for a strat theyll want as much detail as possible imo.


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Re: British Musketeer Assualt- Sourced from HG- TWC Patch 1.02

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