Chinese Irregular/Sentry Spam- Sourced from HG- Tad Patch 1.00

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Chinese Irregular/Sentry Spam- Sourced from HG- Tad Patch 1.00

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Wed Jul 30, 2008 4:19 pm

Its a rush that relies on massing sentries and irregulars, with the Boxer Rebelion Card, so they don't loose HP simple

Required Cards -

Boxer Rebelion (der)
Village defences
Nomaddic Expansion
As many Colonial age militry cards as you can get
Mandarin Duck Squad is the optimum, however if your HC ain't that high yet, 7 steppe ridders and/or 9 qing pikemen will do. Ratten Sheild mercenries are also a good choice.


-1 villie to wood crates
-1 villie to food crates
-1 villie walks forwards to the side of the enemies base
-rest to food
-Once the crates are unpacked, send both of your crate villies to food.
-forward villie builds a Village, to the side of the enemy, this vilie then goes to wood.
-Continue building up to 16 villies all going to food.
First shipment Boxer Rebelion

Age up with the summer Palace with 8 food villies on it.
leave 2 villies on food, and move 5 villies to gold.
You should have about 200 wood so make your forward villie build a second village. and then keep it on wood. make sure to set your shipment drop point at the forward village.

Colonial Age

You now have 2 step riders, so get raiding.

you should have a shipment from transition, use this to get Village Defences. set the summer palaces rally to your vilalges (leave it on the default army). From your TC, bring in some iregulars and sentries, and send the up to your villages. Once Village defences arrive, build sentries from these villages.

next card should be nomadic expansion send this get them up at the front, and build more sentries and irregulars.

By the time the summer palace sends its first army, you should be reasy to attack the enemies base. Concentrate on killing villies when you can before the actual TC.

Next shipment you should send is Mandarin Duck Squad (or your other militry card of choice) this should finish of the enemy TC.


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