Spanish Quatrefage FF- Sourced from HG- AoE Patch 1.07

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Spanish Quatrefage FF- Sourced from HG- AoE Patch 1.07

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Thu Jul 31, 2008 3:41 am

The standard pike rush strategy became obsolete after 1.07.
But, I have developed a spanish ff guard halb attack which counters german 3 sw ff shipment build (700 gold build gets skirms faster and is just that bit harder) moderately well. If pulled off well with decent treasures you can have the halbs ordered at about 7:45 with 5 lancers/2 cannon/12 pikes shipment ordered 5/10 secs later.

-Have a deck that has 3 vills, 700 gold, 700 wood, church card and all other normal spanish ff shipments. Send them in the order described above.

-Age up to colonial with tower politician. Forward the tower. FF with 4 hussars politician to kill his 6 skirms - critical, if you leave some skirms alive you are stuffed. Chop wood like crazy. Build church just before you get to fort - else he'll see it and now what you're doing.

-You maybe should have a tp up in transiton to fort or earlier if you have good treasures. A market and wood chop tech can be good too if you have the treasures for it. If you don't have tp you won't have extra army shipment with the halbs to finish the job.

-After you have aged to fort you should send halbs straight away to forwardd tower. Time your next available shipment - either 5lancer/2cannon/12pikes to send before halbs pop out and you are housed. Keep most of your vills chopping wood to get un-housed and send your second fort shipment.

-You won't get the tc down if you go straight for it (he will time mm and skirm shipment to pwn your army at about 1k hp left on tc, ie 8:30/40 if german). Therefore, you must go for his houses with your halbs. Order the heavy infantry corselet church tech for 25% more halbs hp when walking into his base.

-After microing your halbs and hussars like a maniac for 40 secs your next shipment should have arrived at his base. Take down his tc if you can. The bane of this are skirms . You must micro hardcore to kill them, else you'll either lose or have a imperial age boomfest (done both with this strat). Also keep watch out for uhlans on your vills and cannon.

-Obviously only try this vs a ff or low mil unit boom (the latter which no-one does vs spain). If he has colonial milita or sends teutonic tcs, this strat may not be a good idea either.

I have sustained some losses in development - one of which was in the hg tourney vs bish (only rec i have) where he raided 4 vils in colo and I screwed my build by building tp and martkets at wrong time. Thus having halbs out one whole min later than my fastest time (on normal maps). Still, I think this strategy is of some worth so I am posting it. GL


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