Russian Anti-Portuguese Strat- Sourced from HG- No Patches

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Russian Anti-Portuguese Strat- Sourced from HG- No Patches

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Fri Aug 01, 2008 5:58 am

Apart from Germany, the worst match up for Russia is possibly Portugal, impossible to take down from 5:30 onwards, very strong fortress and even stronger insdustrial.

cassadore + dragoon is just impossible to kill with any thing russian has in age3. add in ronins and mamulukes you will see lots of +6 and dead cossacks. Yet port seems to be able to kill russian mercs without a sweat.

Raid you say? forget it, 5 goons kill 6 opris before they kill 1 vil.

outboom is not possible either. even to just match his boom you would need the second TC(which you dont get for free).

So what can we possibly do against them? The answer is apparent yet hard to to believe:

Attack at 3:30!!

How? you may ask.


Allow me to present you with....

....The DePorter

The Game

Game starts

3 vils on hunt, 2 vils on food crates, then hunt as well. explorer hunt for food, make no vils, go fast colonial, go with 400 wood, hit colonial around 2:30, no later than 2:50, 600 food + 200 wood start is ideal.

make 1 house during aging, queue 3 vils, once hit age2 send 5 cossack and gather wood, 1 forward vil to build a forward BH with the wood.

3 cossack raiding, 2 cossack explorer the map + treasure hunt with explorer.

keep on making vils non-stop back home, spare some vils on wood.

( the standard fast colonial raid? far from it )

now the intersting part starts

between 4:00 to 4:50, Port has advanced to age2, and his TC wagon has arrived. attack! he will either let it die or build it right where it is. obviously they will just build it.

second shipment is 13 strelets, send them to forward BH, have them keep raiding.

at this point, the port player has a shipment ready, and he is thinking....

send muskts? get owned by strelets.

send xbow? may get owned by cossacks. (this is actually one of the better options)

send gold and go FF? you hope he does his, because he will never FF, he will also take fire just to collect them and end up with 700 gold to the end of the game.

send + 40% building HP? useless, because we are not seiging.

send colonial militia? good choice, this doubles TC's effeciencty in killing strelets, without it, 2 shots per strelets, with it, 1 shot. But this also means a completely idling economy.

send 2 towers? not only risking them getting killed instantly, he will also have to build them right next to his TC. again, he will not have access to hunting and mining out.

(decisions decisions...)

on top of the shipment dilemma, he has a food dilemma. he either makes vils or he saves food and waits for FF.

will there be a fortress? what to send after hitting fortress anyway? no gold no mamulukes, Port fortress offers no free strelets killing shipments.

(decisions decisions...)

and yet there are more problems ...what should he do with his vils?

have them take fire and gather anyway? strelets do very little damage to vils, but it is damage nevertheless.

or should he risk it and let them go far out from TC through the back and mine/chop/hunt somewhere else? there are cossacks running all around.

or should he keep them garrisoned and just keep shooting and hope strelets will eventually give up? well, we are not going to give up.

(decisions decisions...)

in the meantime you, the russian, have just made your first batch of strelets, then continue to shoot at his vils, seige at houses when they garrison, run back if their number is running low.

you will have your 3rd shipment ready. it depends on your hunting and chopping situation, send 700 wood or 700 food, depends on which is more needed at the time.

your 2 cossacks should be constantly scouting to see if he sneaked out and started a mill somewhere(which did actually happen in one of the 2 games). dont let his vils out of the box.

your vil count should overtaken his now, strelets are coming out all the time. you shipments should be accelerated by the vil + strelets build XP.

somewhere in between you may even send 7 cows for the kicks, build a pen and fatten them. 7 fat cows = about 100 strelets

if you lost all your cossacks, send 4 more, but dont send them too early, you kind want make cossack exist through out. another thing is you will need cossacks for his cassadores if he does get into fortress. make sure you kill them every time they come out.

after keeping him completely contained and unable to defeat you strelets you can choose to either build a foundry and make grenadiers, or make lots of muskts instead of strelets, or fortress and ship opris and falcs.

I will leave that choice to you.


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