German ATP Rush- Sourced from Hg- No Patches

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German ATP Rush- Sourced from Hg- No Patches Empty German ATP Rush- Sourced from Hg- No Patches

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Sat Aug 02, 2008 4:24 am

I have been a fan of fast colonial + fast ATP recently.

i wrote a guide of how to use this to give port a fast industial.

I tried the same idea with german, for an early rush, so far I found it to work quite wll, it is not optimised very much, if you have any suggestion, please do make them.

The map I tried it on was great plain, I know you will all say “oh that map is so op for rushers, why do you need a guide for that...” what if your opp is spanish who does pike and rod rush back to you? Your uhlan and all cav native will die. So with that idea in mind, I did NOT use native rush.

here is the walkthrough


age1, 2 set.wagons, ATP, advanced plantation, 300 gold,
age2, 3 set.wagons, 8 xbows, 3 dopps, 5 uhlans, 4 landsk, 700 gold, 700 food, 600 gold, 700 wood, Native Allience

Game starts. Find nearest huntable and shoot it towards town, then get 4 vils+ 1 wagon on to it, last vil gather crates, make no vils. Explorer gather freebies around you.

There are several different possible starts, either 200 food or 300, either 200 wood or 100, it will affect how fast you age up and how early you need to chop wood and what treasure your explorer will be looking for.

In any case explorer look for xp and food for now. I was able to find 50 xp and 70 food, guarded by 2 wolves each, that’s more than less average luck.

Click ATP once shipment is ready, click age up with 500wood when it is ready. Queue up vils afterwards, no more than 2.

If you started with 100 wood, immediately put 4 or 5 vils on wood, we need 25 wood. If started with 200 wood, then just put the wagon on wood, have explorer stand by a trading post right before ATP is ready, and build when it is ready.

either way, you should get enough wood ready for the next ATP once explorer finishes with the first one, soon you will have advanced into age2, put all back to food, leave 2 unpack wood crates, and build 1 house as soon as you have 100 wood. Around the same time you should click 3 set.wagon as your second shipment.

That shipment alone is 10 pops worth! So you will need to build another house very soon, remember this and keep 100 wood spare. Send the 2 uhlans to scout enemie’s base, kill vils if you can, have them killed if you need that pop space.

Put as many vils on gold as you can afford, Balance your vils so you still have some on food to keep production going. Depending on if you had 100 gold to start with or not, and if your had got some gold free treasues to start with, the time it takes to mine 400 gold varies. As soon as you have 400 gold, stop and start chop wood. Ship 4 landsk next.

Your explorer should have built 3 ATPs so far. He may need to wait a little before he gets the 4th one, depends on your economic management.

Definitely build one ATP on Lakota, you will need this. Build on Camichi is not very important but is helpful if you want to use NA later in the battle.

Depends on how fast you are and how fast your enymy is, but you shouldn’t be attacked before your landsk shipment arrives, once they arrive, you are safe. I used TC fire + 4 landsk + 2 uhlans killed off the first pikeman + rods rush without losing 1 single landsk.

Keep vil production constant, 3rd shipment is 3 dopp, 4th is 8 xbows.

As soon as you think you have enough woods for houses and a barrack, + about 150 spare wood, put most wood vils on mines, and all new vils too. Send all your army and 2 vils to the centre of the map, hopeful you actually built a native ATP there so it gives you additional fires. Have vils build barrack then chop wood or whatever. Start make dopps asap.

Now, you may find your have run out of huntables near your TC, buy Lakota 12 bison research, which cost 150 wood +150 gold. for such a small cost, you dont have to risk being slaughtered by rods.

You can start attack now, with 3 dops, and 4 landsk, with xbows to back up in no time and constant dopps coming, Spanish rods + pikes should stand little chance, your uhlans can just keep running and keep Spanish vils inside his TC.

If he FF and got into fortress, fear not, you have 5 uhlan shipment for his lancers. Or worst comes to worst, you can do NA.

If you did not do it too well and the game dragged too long, you will run out of gold eventually, you can use the unlimted 300 gold shipment and the advanced plantation card to build plantation in age2 at 552 wood to help you reach fortress.

What’s special about german in the strat? Here is what I think:

1, german starts with 7 villages instead of 6 (1 setwagon = 2 vils), so you get into age2 slightly faster
2, german gets 3 set.wagon shipment in age2 which is equivalent to 6 vils, other civs gets 3, 4 or 5 at the most, so german recovers from a Fast Colonial better than most.
3, german gets over all the most powerful age2 military shipments. And they are well rounded too, archers, cavalry, super heavy infantry + merc
4, german gets the 500 wood politician.(brit don’t)

EDIT: OMG i only just realised that landsk is actually merc version of halbs.

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