Professional German Strat- Created by ~Admin~Kestrel~- Sourced from other players :) Tad Patch 1.01

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Professional German Strat- Created by ~Admin~Kestrel~- Sourced from other players :) Tad Patch 1.01 Empty Professional German Strat- Created by ~Admin~Kestrel~- Sourced from other players :) Tad Patch 1.01

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Sat Aug 02, 2008 5:28 am

Ive only recently started playing Germans, but after watching a couple of recs and taking some feedback about my play I managed to make a strat that hasnt lost me a game yet. Enjoy! Basically, this the standard German strat amongst professional players, bomming slightly into colonial whilst going xbow/pike and uhlans. The advantages of this strat?

Thanks to the great 2,2 and 3SW cards, the Germans can get more villies from the home city this early than any other civ, whilst simultaneously getting enough cav for a raiding party to weaken the opponent's eco. The extra SW and 4 Uhlans over what other civs can get with their shipments really compensates for the 15% slower shipments.

Because of this eco, the Germans can become more flexible with cav and infantry early on than any other civ, except the Aztecs. If you can micro well, this presents a large advantage that its bolstered by strong Age 2 Military swhipments

With the versatile unit combos available to the Germans early on, they can counter a lot of threats, such as longbows spamming, other Germans, Spanish Shipment Spams. practically anything.

Lets get started on the BO...

Discovery Age

1.Send 2SWs to food crates, and one to hunt. As soon as the food comes in, queue villagers like no tomorrow. The hunting SW should preferably herd the herd nearer to the TC, as the SWs can be more vulnerable to raiding than other villies.

2. Next, an SW joins the other one hunting, whilst one more gathers the remainder of the crates. Germans usually get around 200-300 wood at the start, so build houses with all of this in a defensive pattern (at this time a villie should have come out of the TC, and this villie should be used to build the houses so that the SWs can gather more food.. Because most shipments require Uhlans, and military and even eco shipments can be very pop heavy, its always crucial to have a lot of houses available. Building them now means less micro is required at the start of the colonial age, which is rather hectic.

3. After the house building and crate gathering, you should have about 8 pop of villies hunting at about a minute in. Most of the micro is done at this stage, just queue villies until you have 13/14 pop queued. If the opponent is likely to rush hard, 13 pop is preferable. If he wont, an extra villie will be more helpful than an extra 25 seconds in Colonial. Meanwhile, use the explorer to scout around your base in a circle, spotting any more herds and a TP. As soon as these are found, set him on finding XP treasures (which are much more valuable to Germans than other treasures) and then wood treasures. Leave the others alone for now unless they only have a single guardian.

4. By the time you've queued up the desired amount of pop, you should have a shipment ready. Always send 2 SWs first, this is much better value than any other Age 1 shipment they'll likely have and will give you an early eco advantage. As a reminder, all villies should still be hunting at this point. You've built 2/3 houses, so no more wood is needed until later. Also, use one villager to herd any hunts nearer to you, as stated before the Germans are susceptible to raiding early on, best minimise this risk. Also, if the hunts are near your TC, plentiful German building upgrades will defend them expertly.

Discovery-Colonial Tranisiton

Even with the nerf, 400 woods is still worth more than 500 food, especially to the Germans. On clicking the age up button, you should have 17-18 pop of villies at around 3:40-4:00. Keep 7-8 pop on food, and have 10-11 pop gathering wood. As soon as 100 wood comes in, build a market and research hunting dogs and gang saw. This is also the best time to send the explorer to the opponent, as you can scout whether he'll have an fb or not, and where vulnerable raiding spots are. Hopefully, you can gather 350 wood in the minute it takes to age up, with the market upgrade researched early enough.

Colonial Age

Upon age up, use 4 pop of villies to gather the wood crates, whilst using an SW to build the barracks immediately, not forward but in a nice position. Once the age up wood is gathered, build a house or two or save it for crossbows. Now it gets interesting...

1. If the opponent built an fb and is going to rush, ship 9 Xbows and 2 Uhlans, whilst creating a batch from the barracks. 14 Xbows and 2 Uhlans at 6 mins should be able to hold off a rush, combined with a garrisoned TC/minutemen if necessary, whilst creating batches of xbows constantly.
2. If the opponent hasnt built an fb and isnt obviously rushing, ship 3SWs and 2 Uhlans, the best settler shipment of it's Age.

Keep creating new villagers at all times (if the opponent is in your base, set the gather point so that they auto garrison, you dont want to waste resources on villies getting killed in gunfire the moment they pop out) and keep a spread of about half and half on food and wood, slightly more on wood if necessary. Keep making xbows (or pikes, if hes got cav shipments or will likely go cav. Two batches of pikes will suffice for most defensive situations, but build more if necessary) until you have about 20-24 (depending on shipment choice) , then go pressure him a little, killing the odd villies or a small wave of musks hes sent at you. By now you'll have earned another shipment...

1. If the opponent rushed, ship 3SWs and 2 Uhlans now, to make up for the loss in eco.
2. If thats already been shipped, ship 9 Xbows and 2 Uhlans, which will both bolster your current troops whilst simultaneously making anice raiding party to distract the opponent with.

Now's the time to build another barracks and go dual, as you'll definitely have enough eco if you've been spamming villies. If the opponent was HI spamming, you'll most likely have killed his fighting force, so if this is the scenario then...

1. Make batches of xbows if you have less than 10 from both barracks, one if you have less than 15. Otherwise, use the xbows to conservatively villie raid along with shipment uhlans whilst spamming pikes to destroy houses. If you've managed to whole up the opponent this early, then just keep making pikes/xbows in equal numbers to counter anything he can throw at you.
2. Once the barracks and TC are down, use pikes to destroy any remaining houses whilst uhlans and xbows raid the survivors.

Most likely, this wont be the case; if anything he'll probably have a lot of ranged infantry like skirms or xbows. In this case, stay conservative, only fighting battles you can win and constantly pressuring the opponent with uhlans. At this point, move some wood choppers onto coin, and ship 700 coin next. Build a stable when you get enough wood, and either make a load of Uhlans (you'll have at least 9, but 14-19 is optimal) and gather food and FF, depending on what the opponent's doing. Ill assume you went for the Uhlans option, as I havent FFed with the Germans yet

Now you have about 25-30 xbows and 12-18 Uhlans, you can pressure your opponent through microing the uhlans so they kill RI or distract the HI as the xbows take it out. An xbow/cav combo can be more easily microed than an xbow/pike combo, so this is preferable. Keep making villies, and ship 5 Uhlans if you have less than 15 (to bolster numbers) or Cavalry Hitpoints if you have more (to make these more resistant against TC fire/ RI fire) Keep supplementing the pressure with xbows/uhlans in about even numbers, probably skewed towards the xbows bu not necessarily. If the opponent makes cav, switch to pikes.

From here on, its out of my hands. There are several different things you can do with this...

1. You can FF and ship mercs whilst getting veteran upgrades, and continuing the current combo (switching to skirms later of course) If the saloon mercs are good (preferably Highlander/Jaegers/Swiss Pikes or Hackapells), ship merc combat and spam these whilst gathering mostly gold.
2. You can FF and SW boom with GermanTown farmers, whilst getting a combo of Uhlans/ War Wagons and Falconets.
3. You can FI if the opponent isnt going to rush you, and ship artillery/merc armies/Polish winged hussars depending on the situation.

However, all of these involve FFing, so unless you're confident you can outmicro the opponent enough to win in Colonial, stockpile food and coin so you can fortress quickly if necessary.

Required Cards

Discovery: 2 SWs
Colonial: 3 SWs, 700 Coin, 9 Xbows (all with Uhlans)

Recommended Cards

Discovery: Teutonic Town Center, Economic Theory
Colonial: 5 Uhlans, Cavalry Hitpoints, Cavalry Attack, Palatine Settlements
Fortress: Fort, 9 Uhlans, Germantown Farmers, Merc Combat, 10 Landschnects, 13 Jaegers
Industrial: Factories, Polish Winged Hussars, Spanish Riding School

Which civs should you use this against? Generally, this strategy is best suited to a colonial battle, so Brits/Russians/Ottomans would likely make good choices. None of them have overtly strong HI, so xbows will work fine as counters, whilst the Uhlan mass you can build up will deal with longbows/strelets/abus quite nicely (although this benefit diminishes as his micro skill increases) All TWC and TAD civs can FF nicely, but this tends to be optional rather than the only choice (how it can be for civs like Dutch and Ports); with these civs you need to see what they do in game to discern whether this strategy would be useful or not.

However, this colonial strat is weak against FF civs, as a fort will force you to create more pikes, which is inefficient seeing as they'll seldom have vulnerable hand cav. Meanwhile, they get different counter to your units, and as dragoons are less vulnerable to xbows due to their short ranged, dragoons and artillery will pwn this strat unless he doesnt micro.

I wouldn't recommend using this strat against Dutch in particular, as the initial push you'd have to make to get them before aging would come too late, as Germans have a relatively slow age up. Banks also make them hard to raid, as unless he makes lots of cav you wont initially have a decent number of siege troops to destory these with. If he FFs and you continue this strat, ruyters will rip through Uhlans and the massed artillery will destroy xbows/pikes.

Ports are also resistant to this; as it's a relatively late rush they can usually set up two TCs, which when fully loaded and most likely with Colonial Militia can will more or less prevent cost effective raiding. When they FF, the defense becomes even stronger (partially due to a third TC but more likely a fort in this defensive position), and the presence of Besterios/Organ Guns and Dragoons could be nightmarish for a final push.

And it's broken against Japs, Ashigarus will pwn xbows too hard for them to be an effective counter, whilst the Germans will be forced to train Doppels to counter Naginatas (pikes would be eliminated too quickly by Ashis/Yumis, and would succumb to the Nag's damage bonus) Then the Japs can FF and pwn this.

However, apart from these civs this strat generally works as a treat, and can be versatile enough to respond to semi ffs, if scouting reveals this before over commitment to this strat. And if the opponent stays in colonial, this will work almost undoubtably, as long as you can outmicro him.

Professional German Strat- Created by ~Admin~Kestrel~- Sourced from other players :) Tad Patch 1.01 Ayon6p

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Professional German Strat- Created by ~Admin~Kestrel~- Sourced from other players :) Tad Patch 1.01 Empty Re: Professional German Strat- Created by ~Admin~Kestrel~- Sourced from other players :) Tad Patch 1.01

Post  gooback on Sun Sep 28, 2008 2:58 pm

pretty good, just 2 comments tho

1) you said you should have 17-18 ville population at 3:40-4:00, well the times are actually 3:00-3:20, so if you age with 17 villes, you hit colonial at 4:30, not 5:10

2) you should always be agressive with the germans, and mix in some pike, as though it is a bit harder to micro, your x-bow will lose to 3 or 4 hussars, so the pike will add defense to the rush and especially if your playing japan, the pikes 32 siege attack for only 40 food and 40 wood is essential

good job tho Very Happy


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