Sioux Agressive Semi FF- Created by CookieCrisp13- TWC Patch 1.00

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Sioux Agressive Semi FF- Created by CookieCrisp13- TWC Patch 1.00

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Sun Aug 03, 2008 2:38 am

The Sioux Semi Axe Rider FF
By Cookie

Ever find those dutchies and their 4 Bank FF was OP? Me too. here is an example of me getting my but whooped by a good dutch player. What could I have done to win?

Raid, Raid, Raid. My military was out too late, and the dutchie’s vills were playing far away from the tc. So that’s why I devised the Sioux SAFF, or Semi-Axe Rider FF. Due to the Slow ageup of the Dutch while doing such a strategy (4 bank FF), he is vulnerable to, not rushes (colonial militia), but raids. If you keep his vills garrisoned, cooped up in his tc, he wont be gathering resources to
A)Get to Fort
B)Get to fort with a decent economy
C)Make those OP banks

In this strategy you will be learning how to build 9 axe riders, FF soon thereafter, and Mass Axe riders to overwhelm the dutchie. You would be surprised to see how easy it is to win this way.

[JPEG, (188.09 KB)]

-------<Alright to begin!>--------

•Standard 15 Vill colonial
•GOLD TREASURES are most important, with food behind that. IF you didn’t start out with 200 wood, consider getting a 60 wood treasure to help that out.
•Age up with the 500 food politcian
•Scout to make sure the dutchie isn’t pike rushing you.

•Shift several vills to gold, to get a total of 500 gold.
•Collect enough wood for a stable (100 wood start 4-5 vills is enough)

•Queue 1 vill, collect 500 food
•Build stable ASAP, queue 5 axe riders, or queue 1-4, and get to five later.
•Ship 4 axe riders
•You should be left with 500-200 (gold for axe)= 300 gold. Next card is 700 gold.
•By this time switch all vills to food, and maybe 1-2 on anything else to cover other things such as markets, TPs, et cetra.
•Use your WC+9 axes to raid the hell out of him, keep him garrisoned in his tc for at least a minute total. Run in, hit his vills, run out, run back in to force a garrison… He should be on berries by now because he is so scared of your cav!
•Get any xp treasures that were too big for you to get previously, or curer des bois treasures et cetra.
•Once you get 1200 food and 700 gold shipped and collected, age up with the wise woman (buffalo). (feel free to get 4 axe or 1k food politician too if you like)
•Put 2-4 vills on gold, build axe riders, raid him to death once again (check far off mines from his base too)
•Gather wood for a TP
•Scout for anything he might have done, foreword vills, a barracks or stable, arty foundry.
•Gather 200 wood + 100 gold for axe rider upgrade
•Possibly 100 wood for firepit


•Continue to queue axes, get elite upgrade
•Once you have around 20 axes, send a converted guardian out to scout as to when your dutch opponent will attack. Be sure to split up axes into two groups, one to flank and one to attack head on. (or from left and right)
•You NEED to catch the ryuters off guard, so that they cannot be microed. Microed ryuters> axe, but ONLY microed. In hand to hand, ryuters lose.
•Also feel free to ship 9 wakina or build a warhut near some hunts and queue some Wakina.
•Once you defeat his initial attack force, rush in to siege dance his stables. Bring on the Wakina spam afterwards.

Well, that’s it... if anyone gets any records of trying it feel free to post them, I haven’t really tested this out much as of now, if I get any records ill post them up!


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