Naked Ottoman FF- Created by Derek_Zoolander- Tad Patch 1.01

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Naked Ottoman FF- Created by Derek_Zoolander- Tad Patch 1.01

Post  Derek_Zoolander on Mon Aug 04, 2008 1:53 pm

Kay, I use this strat often. It's very good obviously against a little more defensive biased civs - French, Britain, etcetera. They usually expect a rush, and even if they scout, a FF and an otto rush are similar - 4-5 vils on coin, rest on food. This is ESPECIALLY good against Russia - they don't have good anti-cav, and they don't have good siege in age 2 except grenadiers.


4 Vils to hunts, 2 to crates. As soon as you get 100 wood have one vil build a mosque. Once that's built it goes to the rest of the hunts. Queue Millet System. Have your explorer find the nearest hunts. Send a single vil from hunts to that and keep herding it towards your town. Have explorer go forward and scout the base and of course look for treasures - don't forget you can hit and run coyotes, jaguars, alligators, etc. The vil that was collecting crates builds as many houses as possible then goes to hunts. Set waypoint of TC to the hunt. Keep herding your nearby herd to your town - with luck you can get it directly on your TC. Herding helps increase idle villager time for a quicker age up.

First card 3 vils.

At 800 food, age up with 400 wood. Keep scouting the enemy with your explorer. Look for a forward villager. If you have 100 coin, 4 villagers go to nearest mine. If you have 99 or less coin, 5 go to mine. Keep way point to hunts. Keep herding. Keep exploring.

AGE 2:
If you have 300 coin, have 3\4 or 4\5 of the vils go to the wood to collect it. Send 700 coin. Once you have all 400 wood collected, 2 go to build rax. Build it defensively - behind your TC. 1 vil goes to build 2 houses. Once they're done, your 700 coin should be there - collect it with the vils. If you see a forward vil, send out minutes to snipe off his vils - 6 minutes will onehitk0 a vil. Then use it to destroy the barracks or whatever they're building. This'll help stall any attack.

Age up with 4 Abus (4 Hussars against Russia). If you're against russia, build nothing - your saving to go against his strelets and cossacks which are raped by Spahi. If you're going against anything else, build as many janis as you can during transition.

AGE 3: Send 2 falcs. (5 Spahi for Russia). You should have somewhere around 8-12 Janis, 2 falcs, and 4 abus by about 8-8:30. This'll destroy almost any age 2 army - be wary of hussar attacks. If you see them, move your janis to defend the falcs as best as possible. Have Abus hold off LI. Don't expect to win with this army - you should at least hurt them a bit though. Destroy a rax or two, take down a tower, take down some houses and troops.

Send 1000 wood. Build a foundry and 5 houses. Send 5 Abus and build 5 abus and keepbuilding janis. Once you can, get the Galatia Tower District and the veteran Jani upgrades. This hsould be able to beat down the rest of his army. Abus kill everything though - Artillery, LC, LI and HI. Janis kill HC.

Hopefully this'll help you win. Good luck.


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Re: Naked Ottoman FF- Created by Derek_Zoolander- Tad Patch 1.01

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Tue Aug 05, 2008 3:02 am

Looks good, but why use the same deck for both strats? If you created a different one for each, each respective strat could be better.

Also, get Manchus, not 3 Spahi. 9 Manchus can pwn any cav the opponent will get, then just spam Abus and a few Cav Archers.

Otherwise good. bounce


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Yeh, looks good i was beaten by an ottoman ff the other day...

Post  AirGuitarHero on Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:15 pm

I wanted to know how to do this - thanks derek Very Happy


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Re: Naked Ottoman FF- Created by Derek_Zoolander- Tad Patch 1.01

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