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Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Tue Aug 05, 2008 6:05 am

Here's a very basic list of what counters what. It is meant to help those who need to learn the counter system in AOE. Use this information to beat those rushes that you once deemed unstoppable (strelets, janissaries, tomahawks).

Unit Classifications:

Heavy Infantry: Pikeman, Halberdier, Musketeer, Janissary, Doppelsoldner, Rodelero, Grenadier, Puma Spearman, Jaguar Prowl Knight, Skull Knight, Tomahawk, War Club, Sepoy, Rajput, Qiang Pike, Changdao, Ashigaru, Samurai, Yamabushi

Ranged Infantry: Crossbowman, Skirmisher, Longbowman, Strelet, Cassador, Abus Gun, Aenna, Cetan Bow, Macehualtin, Arrow Knight, Forest Prowler, Wakina Rifle, Mantlet, Gurkha, (Urumi in some respects), Chu Ko Nu, Arquebuiser, Flamethrower, Yumi Archer, Shinobi

Light Infantry: Coyote Runner, Warrior Priest, Disciple

Melee Calvary: Hussar, Cuirassier, Cossack, Uhlan, Lancer, Oprichnik, Spahi, Coyote Runner, Kanya Horseman, Axe Rider, Tashunke Prowler, Dog Solider, Sowar, Mahout, Flail Elephant, Steppe Rider, Iron Flail, Meteor Hammer, Naginata Rider, Diamyo, Shogun

Ranged Calvary: Dragoon, Calvary Archer, Ruyter, War Wagon, Eagle Runner Knight, Musket Rider, Bow Rider, Rifle Rider, Zamburak, Howdah, Keshik, Yabusame

Artillery: Falconet, Heavy Cannon, Rocket, Great Bombard, Mortar, Culverin, Organ Gun, Light Cannon, Siege Elephant, Hand Mortar, Flaming Arrow, Morutaru


Ranged Infantry
Counter with Artillery, Melee Calvary, Light Infantry

Heavy Infantry
Counter with Artillery, Ranged Infantry

Melee Calvary
Counter with Heavy Infantry, Ranged Calvary

Ranged Calvary
Counter with Heavy Infantry, Ranged Infantry

Counter with Melee Calvary, Ranged Calvary, Light Infantry

Counter with Heavy Infantry, Artillery


Grenadier counters Heavy Infantry, RangedInfantry and Buildings, and is countered by Cavalry
Abus Gun counters Heavy Infantry, Ranged Infantry and Ranged Cavalry
Oprichnik counters Buildings, Artillery, and Ranged Infantry
Mortar counters Buildings, not Infantry
Ram counters Buildings
Lancer counters Infantry and Artillery
Culverin counters Artillery, not Infantry or Buildings
Rifle Rider counters Heavy Infantry, Artillery and Melee Calvary and is countered by Light Infantry and Ranged Cavalry
Jaguar Prowl Knight counters Cavalry, Heavy Infantry, and Buildings
Arrow Knight counters Artillery and Buildings, not Heavy Infantry or Ranged Cavalry
Mantlet counters Light Infantry and Buildings, not Heavy Infantry
Light Cannon counters Artillery, Infantry, and Buildings
Shinobi counters Buildings and Ranged Infantry

By Jaafit

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