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The Calvary Start

Whenever you play Dutch, or, especially Russia, you have to expect a lot of Anti-Infantry units such as skirmishers or Strelets. Most Dutch players start with skirmishers, and maybe 8-15 pikes, followed up by aging to 3 as quickly as possible for Cannons and Halberds.. Russians usually come first with Cossacks and Strelets, or possibly Muskets and Strelet combo. With this in mind your best bet is creating a lot of Calvary at first and making good use of it, but then quickly switching production over to Xbows to counter muskets/pikes, and then followed by pikes in order to drop buildings.

Against Russia specifically, you want to switch to pikes sooner than later as it comes in extremely handy to drop Russian houses, for many reasons..

1. Houses cost 100 wood. I believe strelets cost wood. 100 wood = less strelets.
2. Barracks/Blockhouses/Stables costs wood. They need to have houses more than they need another blockhouse.
3. Houses reduce population, which is what Russia thrives off of.
They cannot queue up military without a minimum of 10 population available.. if they are attempting to rush you chances are they haven't built an excess amount of houses, and barely sit under their population limit the majority of the time. Every house you lay to waste reduces their military migth significantly.
4. Villager seconds. It takes villagers time to build house replacements and it takes you just slightly more time to knock them down with 10 or so pikes. The less time their villagers spend collecting resources, the worse off their eco is.

Now, back to our age2 build order.

-Click age button, select the Quartermaster (400 wood) politician

-Scout for a FB against Russians. Once you know where it is, AVOID it until it's necessary.

-Place your TC gather point on food

-As soon as you age, you have a lot of things to do VERY quickly
1. 1 SW builds stables
2. Send 5 Uhlan shipment from HC
3. 1 SW collects wood shipment from politician/aging
4. 1 SW builds 2 houses on and off as wood is available
5. Begin Uhlan production
6. As soon as you have enough gold to make 5 uhlans total, switch 2 villies from gold to wood.
7. Build a barracks with extra wood.

-As soon as all of this is done you should have 10 uhlans, 7 villies on food, 8 on wood, 4 on gold. 1 barracks, 1 stable, apprixmately 3 houses (40 pop). Build another house for 50 pop. Keep pumping villies to food/wood.

-Queue up as many Xbows/Pikes as you can. What you make depends on who you are playing and what you see from them. Against Dutch almost always go Xbows. Xbows are effective against pikes AND skirmishers (believe it or not!). Against Russia, I would make my 3rd shipment 9 Xbows + 2 uhlans, but produce strictly pikes from my barracks until my xbows are either dead, or I see he is going with mostly Muskets.

-You have 10 Uhlans and more units on the way. Split your uhlans into 2 groups, 5 and 5, and use both groups to raid. Sit one group on each side of the enemies area, and raid from one side, then the other. As soon as he garrissons his villies, run away and come back in 30-40 seconds.

-As soon as you see you have another 400-500 gold, pump out another 5 uhlans. Remember, you also get uhlans with every shipment. So you are at an advantage against Russians/Dutch most common units (Skirms/strelets)

-Against Russia, mass up about 20-30 pikes and split them into 2 groups, then start attacking his houses from both sides of his base, same thing you are doing with your Calvary except instead of hitting villies hit houses. This will inevitably draw his Strelets either into your base, or back to HIS base in order to defend. Most Russian players are not very good at defending so they will choose to go to your TC a lot of times. If this happens: DO NOT WORRY. Garrisson your villagers, (ring town bell), keep pumping villies into TC, and call minutemen. From there: Group your uhlans up from his TC and run them back to your TC to kill any strelets. Have your Minutemen/TC focus fire on cossacks/muskets, while your Uhlans take out strelets.

Whatever you do, AVOID his forward base and keep attacking houses with your Pikes. As soon as you have taken care of his 'rush', run any units left at your TC (newly produced pikes, uhlans, and minutemen if you have any left), and take out his forward with that group of units while your Pikes continue to pound back and fourth on his houses. As soon as you feel you have enough units to take down his TC and you have him on the defensive, move in for the finisher and take down his TC. Whatever you do, as above with the Ottoman/Spanish: KEEP THE PRESSURE ON, and keep your eco PUMPING.

Against Dutch, it's a little different.

Rather than a TC rush/house pounding, that I would use against Russia, for Dutch I would focus more on Map control, raiding, and achieving a respectable Age3 time. Remember, most Dutch focus mainly on food/wood, and less on gold because of their banks. The idea is to counter their initial military, take map control, keep them off the resources they need through raiding, and then hit Age3 at a respectable time and finish them off in a heads up battle. There is no sure-fire way to beat them, as dutch can be very versitile and quite slippery when they want to be.

Something to keep in mind though:

Dutch don't have any GOOD heavy infantry until age3! Pikes and Skirmishers are all they have, and therefor, an army of massed Xbows with 5-10 uhlans should be able to handle them. If they switch production over to Hussars, you are still at an advantage because Hussars are much more expensive than your units, (albiet stronger), and you already have the eco set up to produce a few pikes.

You want to try to beat Dutch in Age2 if possible, and not let them get halberds/cannons, becuase if they do that before you do chances are you're fighting a losing battle.

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