Chinese Old Han Rush- Sourced from Gamereplays- TAD Patch 1.01

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Chinese Old Han Rush- Sourced from Gamereplays- TAD Patch 1.01 Empty Chinese Old Han Rush- Sourced from Gamereplays- TAD Patch 1.01

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Mon Aug 18, 2008 12:54 pm

This is a fantastic Chinese rush I have been using lately, which has got me 23 PR in merely 5 games. It utilizes the Old Han Army, which is an extremely well-rounded army to combat and defeat your opponent in the Colonial Age.

The Deck/Card Order
300 food as first card Ė This will boost your age up time so you can hit your opponent early with a devastating rush.
700 wood as second card Ė This will enable you to build villages, so you donít get popped early by the population-heavy Old Han Army.
8 Cho Ku Nu, 7 Steppe riders, 9 Qiang pikemen- These go in no specific order, but recommended in the listed order. Subject to change depending on what your opponent makes.
Build Order

1. Discovery Age. -0:00
Put 4 of your starting settlers onto the nearest huntables, and two on your crates (food first, then wood).
Task settlers ASAP and donít stop training them. Donít have more than 1 queued at a time though, you want to start aging as soon as possible.
Task your Monk and disciple to scout the map separately. If you see a good treasure, combat them together.
Ship 300 food as your first card.
Once your 300 food is in, start building a wonder with 1 settler. If you start aging up after 2:40, refer to the Post-BO notes on the amount of settlers needed to build your wonder. Age with the Porcelain Tower (400 food + generates resources).
2. Transition-2:40
Put most of your settlers on wood, except 3-4 on food so you can keep constant settler production through the age-up process.
Send 2 settlers forward if you are being aggressive. Normally, I would recommend to build back, as your army will only get a boost after the 6:30 rush, so a Janissary/Ashigaru/Crossbow or any other type of fast striking rush will destroy you too early before your 8 Cho Ku Nu/7 Steppe Rider/9 Qiang Pikeman can reinforce your military.
3. Colonial-4:20
By now you should easily have enough wood for your War Academy, so start building it within a couple seconds upon aging up.
Set your Porcelain tower to Food.
Ship 700 wood.
Once your War Academy goes up, start training the Old Han Army (3 Cho Ku Nu, 3 Qiang Pikeman) ASAP.
Before your first Old Han Army comes out, you should have started gathering your 700 wood. Task 4-5 settlers to build your first village in colonial age ASAP.
If your village went up in time, you should be able to queue your second Old Han army before your first comes out. If you got this part right, your rush will be a constant stream of military units which will (hopefully) make your opponent crack under the pressure.
Ship in 8 Cho Ku Nu, 7 Steppe riders, or 9 Qiang Pikemen depending on what your opponent is doing (see post-BO Notes).
Post-BO Notes

Using one settler, it takes 100 seconds to build a wonder, and for every settler added, you gain an extra 6-7 seconds taken off your Age up time. Normally this would be a good choice, but with the 300 food shipment, you can start aging at 2:40 and still get up at 4:20 which is a very good age up time. However, if for whatever reason you cannot age up at 2:40, add an extra settler for every 7 seconds after 2:40. For instance, if you start aging at 3 minutes, put 4 settlers to build your wonder.
Your third Colonial shipment will usually decide the game. Normally, 8 Cho Ku Nu would be the best option, but if your opponent is massing Skirmishers or other RI, shipping in 7 Steppe riders is also a good option. Likewise, shipping in 9 Qiang Pikeman to stop an FF, or to help destroy a cavalry heavy army is a good option.

Chinese Old Han Rush- Sourced from Gamereplays- TAD Patch 1.01 Ayon6p

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