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Chinese Semi FF- Sourced from Gamereplays- Tad Patch 1.01 Empty Chinese Semi FF- Sourced from Gamereplays- Tad Patch 1.01

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This guide will show you that the Chinese semi fast fortress is a lot better than the straight fast fortress in most cases.

Maybe you have Japanese Ashigaru Riders rushing you, or an Ottoman with Janissaries just to name some civilizations were a Chukonu back up would be very important.

The details:

Discovery Age
Two Villagers on crates, rest hunting.
Build one village in your base and place a goat in it.
Try to get good wood treasures and if not more than fifty wood is needed, put some villagers on wood to get another village in Discovery Age - if you are able to build two villages, you can ship three villagers. If not, ship Provincial Administration.
Cards needed:
Team Provincial Administration to ship in Discovery Age.
Northern Refugees to ship in Discovery Age for 3 villagers to have better economy.
The transition from Discovery to Colonial

Take the Porcelain Tower as your wonder and build it with 4 villagers. Place five-six villagers hunting for a constant village production. You have to make sure that you have two hundred wood (NOT MORE!!!) for a barracks in your base exactly when you reach Colonial Age. Don't worry about getting housed because you either have already 2 villages or you shipped Provincial Administration. Put the rest of your villagers on gold because you need 170 gold when your barracks is up for the first standard army batch.

Colonial Age

Ship 7 Stepperiders instantly and build up your barracks. As soon as possible, build your first Standard Army batch (if you do straight semi Fast Fortress, build all in all two batches of Standard Army), let the Porcelain Tower make gold and put six-seven villagers on gold too, set the rest hunting.

All villagers spawning at your Town Centre should also go hunting. Try to bother your enemy very early and just raid him. If you already have him collecting berries, you did what you wanted to. You can also run with your cavalry to the berries and run back again, just to slow him because he puts his villagers in Town Centre. You might lose your cavalry, but you donít need it because you will reach fortress very soon.
Your second Shipment should be 700 pieces of gold, maybe you need more food now so put your Porcelain Tower on food or just what else you need. You should be able to build the White Pagoda at 8 to 8:30 minutes.

Your cards:
700 gold to ff fast
7 Stepperiders to raid your enemy early
8 Chukonus if your enemy rushes hard and you need some more backup till you reach fortress or also to fight colonial (if you later think ff was bad choice).
Transition between Colonial and Fortress

Okay, you are building your White Pagoda now. Put five villagers on gold to be able to make units when you reach Fortress. Porcelain Tower should make wood because you will need to collect 400 wood while ageing (200 for a second village and 200 for a consulate--> take Brits). Try to produce villagers constantly and also make sure that you have seven disciples when you reach the Fortress Age to have 19 of those op men, so build them with your scout.

Fortress Age

Build your first batch of either Changdao/Arquebusiers or Meteor-Hammers/Iron-Flails, depends on enemy.
If your opponent has lots of heavy infantry (as Japan for example will), you should ship ten Arquebusiers first, if you expect your enemy to have cavalry, ship Intervention (you will get nine awesome Redcoats). Also build your first batch of Redcoats (six) as soon as you have the required export, try to put pressure on your enemy when your shipment arrives and fight him to death. If thatís not possible, just ship more of your good Fortress Shipments and if your enemy wonít come out of his base and hides behind towers and his Town Centre, ship seven Handmortars to siege him down (he will have to fight now or his base dies while you won't lose a single unit).

You should be able to beat your enemy now and if not, just let the game go on. You could build a monastery to upgrade your scout for example or later ally with Germans for economy trickles, use your own imagination. Just do not forget to produce villagers constantly and build a market because your economy mustnít die here (thatís also what 1000 wood is for).
Cards to be chosen for fortress shipments:
Four Iron Flails as standard cavalry shipment.

Intervention for awesome anti cavalry Redcoats.

Ten Arquebusiers as standard light infantry shipment.

Five Meteor Hammers = also nice cavalry shipment.

1000 wood for some Town Centre and any other things where you need lots of wood because you wonít really go heavy on it.

9 Manchus because they really kill your enemies cavalry ( awesome vs. India / French ).

7 Hand mortars to siege for example Dutchís base if he wonít come out to fight.
When you need to fight Colonial or just need to use your Chukono shipment

You might get rushed hard and need your 8 Chukonu shipment. If you see your enemy will attack you before you are already building your wonder, just ship eight Chukonus instead of 700 gold and keep on producing Standard Armies (if you think two times Minuteman and the units you have if you do a semi ff like itís written on top is enough to fight him back, donít change your build order, but you might be able to kill his army and age later on if you change your strategy).
You might also need the 700 wood card if the colonial fight lasts for longer, since youíre not able to age to fortress without being killed by enemies forces.

If you get attacked while already aging to fortress, just try to time 8 Chukonu-Shipment + two times Minuteman + Scout + Disciples exactly because your enemies army will just get owned if you bring home the bacon.

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