French Hussar Raid Semi-FF - TAD Patch 1.01

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French Hussar Raid Semi-FF - TAD Patch 1.01

Post  AirGuitarHero on Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:05 am

The idea of this strat is to use hussars to damage your opponents early eco to prevent him from ff-ing or rushing you. The aim is to then get to fortress so that you can buld a powerful army quickly and efficiently. Although this strat has probably been done before i made it, i did not know of it and so i claim it as mine Twisted Evil

The cards that you will need are:

Age I: 3 Cdbs

Age II: 700 food; 700 coin

Age III: 8 skirmishers; 7 skirmishers; 2 falconets; 3 cuirasseurs

Recommended cards are:

Improved cavalry attack and hitpoints cards
age 2 military shipment cards
economy cards (refrigeration, royal mint?? and economic theory are my preffered ones
factories etc.
TEAM early skirmishers

Ok to the strat.

Age 1
Gather all your food crates and one wood crate only with 3 cdbs, the other 2 begin herding the nearest hunt back to your tc, then put all cdbs on food, with the tc gather point on food. Build a house with the wood from the crate. Use your explorer to gather mainly food treasures to speed up your age up time. Once you have 6 or 7 cdbs send one to herd back a 2nd hunt to your tc (this will prove useful if you get rushed and against raiding). Your first card will be 3 cdbs this should arrive shortly before you get 800 food. When you have 800 food you should have either 13 or 14 cdbs, depending on your food treasures then age up with the 500 food politician.

Move 9/10 cdbs onto wood, leaving 4 on food, you should try to have gathered 400 wood before you age to colonial. Build a market and a second house using 200 of this and save the other 200. Research gang saw and (if you can) hunting dogs and placer mines. Your explorer should be trying to get wood treasures until you have enough and then food/gold to prepare for hussar making. Also during the transition gather any extra crates you have. The final the thing you should do is switch all but 2 cdbs gathering wood to coin. Your resource gatherers should look like this Food:5 Wood:2 Coin:6/7.
Also remeber to keep herding that 2nd herd to your tc, you should have it there by the time you or your opponent age.

Age 2
The first thing you do in age 2 should be to build a stable queue a hussar asap, then gather the food crates from age up as quickly as possible Then send 700 food. Queue your cdbs to a gold mine. Try to get 4/5 hussars out of your first batch and immediately send them raiding. When your shipment arrives gather the food with your 2 wood-gathering cdbs and if you have another 100 wood build another house and put them on hunts, if not send them back to wood until you do. Queue some more hussars (2-4) Your second batch of hussars should come out around 6:30 and should give you your 3rd shipment (if you dont already have it). Your 3rd shipment will be 700 gold. Now, you stop making hussars, you should have between 6 and 9 - keep raiding with them. Move the majority if not all of your gold gatherers onto food once you have 300 gold (this added to the 700 gold shipment gives you enough to age, but leave the tc gather point on gold. Once the shipment arrives you should be approaching 1200 food. Now, you can either age with 20 or 21 cdbs, i normally age with 21 and choose the 6 skirmishers age-up politician.
This should be done at around 8 minutes.

Once you have clicked the age-up button divide the cdbs as so: 8 on food; 6 on wood; 7 on gold. Build a house or 2 asap to get your pop up from 40, you need a lot of population room as soon as you get to fortress. Keep raiding with your hussars and you may want to start herding a 3rd hunt back (if you haven't done so already).
Your population should be something like '39/60' if not 70. Make sure you have 300 wood to spend by the time you reach fortress for an artillery foundry.

Age 3
If you have done this right you will get to fortress age at between 9:30 and 10:30 minutes into the game. Firstly, begin queueing cdbs again (if you didnt do so during transition(with the tc gather point still on gold), queue as many cuirrassuers as you can, then send 8 skirmisher shipment, then build an artillery foundry. Your population could be something like this at this point 66/60 so it is imporatant you get at least 2 more houses up. Shortly after your 8 skirmishers arrive you should get another shipment, send 7 skirmishers/2 falconets/3 cuirrasseurs, i prefer sending 7 more skirmishers. And build a some more cav from your stable or art from your foundry. If you do it my way, you should have 21 skirmishers, 10 cuirraseurs and 9 hussars attacking at about 12:00 with 2+ cannons ready to come for siege.
Of course you can attack before then with less troops but with reinforcements on the way if you choose.
You will hopefully kill your opponents army with your more powerful units, but it is important that your cav doesnt die keep them away from HI and if he has it LC, use your skirmishers to kill that threat, but use your cav to kill RI and HC. You might not destroy your opponent, but it is more than likely that you will ahve damaged him enough to win the game.

What Now??
Build a second tc, get a dock if there are fish to be had in the sea, make the transition to mills and plantations, on most maps the hunts will have run out and possibly the mines, keep making military, raid, scout and use your superior eco to win you the game. Maybe make a couple more attacks at his base before aging to industrial to get factories and upgrades. Its up to you...

What happens if you get rushed?
This strat will stand up to weak rushes, but not very fast, strong ones such as the 10/10 rush. You will have to sacrifice either the 700 coin or food for 8 crossbowmen and age to fortress later. If you get your 8 crossbowmen, 6 minutemen and your hussars to attack the rush at the same time (plus tc fire) you should be able to hold off the rush. However, if you think your opponent will attack again before you get to fortress you may want to abandon the strat. Switch to massing xbows and pikes or send early skirmishers and make them, you can still probably gain the upper hand as the french have a great versatility, as long as you keep your villagers alive you should be able to win the game.

I am a 2nd lt
I have tries this strat against ranks up to captains, when i think it will be useful and win 7 times out of 10
For those of you who dont know; cdbs mean courier de boires - the french villager; LC means light cavalry; HC means heavy cavalry; RI means ranged infantry and HI means heavy infantry



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