Dutch Stadhouder Surprise- Sourced from HG- AoE Patch 1.08

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Dutch Stadhouder Surprise- Sourced from HG- AoE Patch 1.08

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Thu Jul 31, 2008 4:48 am

Dutch Stadhouder Surprise

(Appropriately named because of the surprise your opponent will have when you smash his base to smithereens with 22 ruyters (depending whether you shipped 13 ruyters instead of skirmishers), 5 Balkan Stradiots (mercenaries), 30 Stadhouders (Guard Musketeers) and 2 Heavy Cannon in under 12 minutes)

Note: I know that the three banks Fast Fortress already exists, I am not taking credit for it. I am merely developing it, as I don’t consider the Dutch Fast Fortress to be a viable strategy (sorry for any offence).


Dutch tend to get better as the game goes on, and this strategy aims to take advantage of this. While vulnerable to rushes, if you can make it to Industrial you have a very good chance of winning. Once in Industrial, you ship in some very powerful shipments, such as 2 Heavy Cannon, 13 Ruyters, 14 Skirmishers, and you use the Stadhouders in the Dutch Church plus the card, plus the powerful Balkan Stradiots.

Note: Level 60 is required for the 9 ruyters politician, but anything under level 60 has 8 skirmishers, which will do fine J

Required Cards (In order of most likely appearance)

·3 settlers
·700 Wood
·700 Gold
·Unique Church
·1000 coin
·2 Heavy cannon
·13 ruyters, 14 skirmishers or both (recommended)

Highly recommended Cards

·Advanced frontier defences
·8 skirmishers, 9 ruyters (just in case you need to fast fortress instead of fast industrial)
·Bank of Rotterdam
·Bank of Amsterdam
·1600 wood, as I guarantee you will be short of it after a fast industrial and 3 banks and sufficient housing for your newly acquired army (Isn’t everyone always short of wood anyway?)


Tier 1: 3 settlers, Bank of Rotterdam, Bank of Amsterdam, Colonel Militia and Advanced Trading Post
Tier 2: 4 settlers, 700 wood, 700 coin, Dutch Unique Church
Tier 3: 1000 coin, 8 skirmishers, 9 ruyters, 4 outposts, Fort
Tier 4: 1600 wood, 14 skirmishers, 13 ruyters, 2 Heavy Cannon, Factory, Factory

·Colonel Militia to help fend off rushes
·Maximum bank cards for late game
·Powerful age IV military shipments, 2 Heavy Cannon is a must
·Good age III defence cards, fort and 4 outposts; will help against rushers
·This deck could also be a Fast Fortress, if getting to industrial is too hard, or you need to buy yourself more time with age III military cards
·1000 coin is better than 1000 food, even though you have the coin from your banks anyway, you need to gather 3000 coin after that anyway, and shipping 1000 coin instead of 1000 food works faster in the long run, taking a whole minute off!
·Don’t copy this deck completely, because I am constantly changing it, Tulip Speculation could be added, and schooners for a water map.

·NOTE: Try and get as many Trade Posts as possible, but not too many that it slows you down. 500 starting wood and over, or a good wood treasure, then I would recommend two posts.
·If you only get one, you may have to miss your second Industrial age shipment, 2 Heavy Cannon must come first
·You can always use Mercantilism if you are desperate for more shipments if you didn’t get the second trade post. You can still attack anyway though.

Build Order

Age I

Collect coin crates first, and make a settler as soon as possible. After coin, gather wood, and make a trade post very fast, as we don’t want to miss the trader the first time, as you miss a lot of XP. After wood crates have gathered, put 4 settlers on coin, to maintain settler production. All remaining settlers and subsequent settlers now go to food. Ship in 3 settlers. Age up with 16 or more settlers and the 400 Wood Politician.


Keep the coin settlers on coin until you have 200 coin, then put all settlers on food, and have two settlers ready to train after you have aged. Wood treasure is what you should be after.

Age II

Ship in 700 wood firstly. Gather wood with 4 settlers, as soon as you have 350 wood build your first bank. Gather the 700 wood, and then get your other 2 banks up as soon as you can. Now put all settlers on food and as soon as you have a shipment ship in 700 gold. While you are waiting you can train 1 or 2 more settlers, as you will have excess gold anyway. Age with the either the exiled prince, or 400 wood plus a caravel if you are short of wood, but speed is the key. Continue to gather 1200 food. Ship in Unique Church.


Keep settlers on food. Wood treasure should still be at the top of your priorities list.


Get 2000 food as soon as possible and ship in 1000 coin as soon as you can. Your banks will gather coin regardless of what your settlers are doing, but make sure you have 1200 coin ready for when you hit 2000 food.


As soon as you have clicked up to Industrial, you no longer need food for the rest of the game if you win with the Stadhouders, so put all settlers on coin, as you have 3000 coin to gather (you already have 1000 shipped, but if you didn’t get the second trading post and you want mercantilism, then its 4500 coin). As soon as you have 3000 coin or whatever amount you need get some settlers on wood to make more houses.

Age IV

Ship in 2 Heavy cannon straight away, and continue shipping military cards as soon as they become available. Don’t get the Stradiots or Stadhouders just yet, as they will come regardless of population space. Make sure you have 3000 coin at all times, it acts as insurance if you attacked. As soon as you have what you feel is sufficient army, then attack.

If you aren’t rushed then not much can stop 22 ruyters, unless they have pikes, with are countered by the musks and the 2 HC. The Heavy Cannon and the Balkan Stradiots will kill mass skirmishers, and the Stadhouders are the protection.


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