Dutch Grenadier Rushes- Sourced from HG- AoE Patch 1.08

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Dutch Grenadier Rushes- Sourced from HG- AoE Patch 1.08

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Sat Aug 02, 2008 12:44 pm

I'm working on a Dutch gren rush that tends to be more of a rush defense.
BO goes something like this:

-5 vills on gold, one builds house, all vills out of TC to hunt.
-1st card: Stadhouer or 3 vills I actually have two decks for this strat: one has both stadhouer and 3 vills. The other has Stadhouer and an extra non-ageI card. I size up the map, and if I think I can get 200 resources out of treasures, I go Stad deck. Otherwise, I go three vills. The 3 vills card seems generally worthless unless sent as first card, but 200w TC is essential should your TC go down. That's why I just don't bother to use a deck with 3 vills if I'm gonna send stad.
Once you have 800 food:
-Age with 400w Politician.
-3 vills to wood from hunt.
-2nd card: 600/700w I just beat a British captain who rushed me with my level 7 HC, so 600w is viable.
-All vills out of TC should still go to hunt.
-Build 2 banks You should also build a house after the first bank is up.
-Build Artillery Foundery Usually the enemy rush shows up in my town about this time. No fear however, 5 grens do a good job of scattering. What to do next depends on composition of enemy army. I put up either a stable or a rax, and mix.
-3rd card: 3 hussars or 8 pikes If you put up the rax, you'll need the hussars to raid, if you put up the stable, you'll need the pikes to keep your Grens safe from enemy hussars.

Against the brit I fought, it was a stable. The hussar boost has proved highly effective vs. longbows, especially with 10 grens backing them up. Agains Ottos, prolly go rax instead for skirms. Move quickly to take down forward military buildings, and at this point you should have it in the bag.


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