Dutch 4 Bank Semi FF- Sourced from A414A- TAD Patch 1.00

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Dutch 4 Bank Semi FF- Sourced from A414A- TAD Patch 1.00

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Tue Jul 29, 2008 8:22 am

Yes, the Dutch have a killer strat that is deadly. But first, credits:

GoodSpeed taught me this strat. Seeing as Goodspeed is here, ask him. Ok, Ok, I'll post the strat (the best I can):

4 Bank Semi-FF

By: Incognoto (who copied off GoodSpeed...so this isn't really his)

Cards Neccesary:
-3 villies
-Bank wagon
-700 wood
-600 wood
-Bank of Amsterdam
-Bank of Rotterdam
-7 Ruyters
-9 Ruyters
-That's it, the rest of the cards are up to you.


-2 villies on mines, 3 on hunts, and 2 to gather crates (once they have finished gathering crates, put them on food).
-Que villies until you have 13. Send the 3 villies card for a grand total of 16. The first 2 villies you make go to coin. Once you have all 13 qued, put them all on food.
-You should age relatively quickly (if you didn't screw something up noobishly) with 16 villies.
-Age with 400 wood
-During the transition, put 9 villies on wood, and 7 villies on food. Gather until you have enough to build a bank. Build the bank and put 8 villies on food, and 8 villies on wood. Have at least 4 villies close to the TC for gathering wood.


-Keep villie production constant. DO NOT STOP MAKING THEM (unless you are under attack, at that point, keep your coin for skirms, and it would be pointless to have a villie pop out and get killed).
-Your second shipment should be the Bank Wagon.
-Do not gather wood. For some reason (ask GoodSpeed) its pointless during AgeII. Keep villies roughly evenly seperated between Coin and Food (a little more on Food, because banks gather coin). Rely on shipments for wood (700 wood, 600 wood, and then 1000 wood).
-Build one rax, and enough houses to support the villies and skirms. During AgeII, you shouldn't make more than 15 skirms (of course, that is a matter of personal risk, depending on who you're playing).
-With the shipped wood, build 2 more banks. Try to get all 4 as soon as you can. It'll give you the economic edge you need. Try to make ~10 villies during the AgeII.
-As soon as you can, age. I usually age up with the Exiled Prince mOk, and I that helps me get to AgeIII faster mOk, and that way I'm in the third age at the same time as the other guy mOk.


I forgot what happens now. But usually, you have a killer eco, and you can attack soon enough. It's up to you. Tips though:
-Keep them villies coming. No use having a good eco early if you don't develop it.
-Shipped Ruyters are a good choice. I usually make an artillery foundry and use my gold to make falcs (and culvs if the opponet is in AgeIII), and don't have enough spare wood to make a stable.
-At this stage, you should start chopping wood again.
-Be sure to keep your villies safe, so you can maintain your economic advantage.

After that its up to you. I'd say, use/abuse your economic advantage when you can. And villies are always prime targets.

Apart from that, all I have to add is that this strat takes practice, and it might not/probably won't work the first time. Practice, and when you get the hang of it, your victories will keep and keep comin'


Have some helps a lot. Sorry if this is slightly unclear, but its been some time since I've played, and I might've forgotten some key elements. I'l update once I find the errors (I'm gonna play soon!!).


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