French FI- Sourced from A414A- Tad Patch 1.01a

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French FI- Sourced from A414A- Tad Patch 1.01a

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:54 am

A weird strat i made up 2 days ago that is good against defensive opponents and isn't even that risky because it can easily be turned into a defensive FF, which is viable against most weaker rushes (against strong rushes don't even consider this strat).

it tends to work against defensive booming civs such as dutch and ports, and against non-agressive FFs.


14 vill age up with 400 wood politician, 1st card 3 vils. during transition put half ur vils on gold, maybe less/more depending on treasures. if you had started with 200 wood it's very useful to chop 50 wood during transition for food market upgrade. make sure you herd at least 2 big hunts (you'll need em). also on maps where u only have 1 gold patch close to TC this can be risky since your first gold patch will be dead pretty fast. (1600 wood shipment in age4 can get u map control: towers/TCs)

2nd card 4 vils, gather your age up crate and allocate ur vils so that you will have 1200-1000 at about the same time. age to 3 at about 6.10 with fast age politician. from the 400 age up wood, research the 2nd hunting upgrade and build one TP, chop a little more wood during age up to fortress for one extra house. research vill upgrades at market (blunderbuss and great coat).
now there are 2 possibilities (scout):
1. opponent rushes unexpectedly. your reaction: put 12+ vils on wood for housing/rax and spam unit shipments in age3 (make sure you have the cards for that). forget industrial for now.
2. opponent FFs like you expected, mine 350 gold during age up and put 17 to 20 vils on food.

send 1000 gold and after that send fort ASAP. age to industrial at around 8.30 with 1000g politician. keep ur scout busy and know when he attacks, it's apperative your fort makes it to full hitpoints (against most civs). place it defensively, not forward. if he comes close, send out minutemen to interrupt him and block your fort's building site with vills (make sure you garisson almost-dead vils though). if he's already in your base before the fort arrives, it's a pretty bad situation and you'll have to cancel the fort shipment to send it later, when his army is dead. allocations 6 food 11 gold rest wood.
build houses during age up and get a church. be ready to research mercantilism when u get the 1000 age up gold.

if you reach age4 and he hasn't even attacked yet, you're in pretty fucking good shape . the timer should be around 10.30 (can be 10.00 if ur fast). send military shipments such as 14 skirms, 6 cuirs, 8 goons, or 2 heavy cannons for defense if necessary, and send factories if you think it's safe. make sure u have 4 culv and 10 coureur shipments too. build a stable and start massing goons while producing heavy cannons with ur factories. potential enemy culverins can be countered by goons or your 4 culv shipment. don't be afraid of 1 or 2 culvs tho, since heavy cannons will still own them.

guess that's it, too bad it can only be used in very few situations, cs its such an awesome strat


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