Dutch TR20 Revolution- Created By AirGuitarHero- Tad 1.01a Patch

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Dutch TR20 Revolution- Created By AirGuitarHero- Tad 1.01a Patch

Post  AirGuitarHero on Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:17 am

This strategy is for TAD/TWC expansion packs, where you can have a revolution.

This basically makes good use of of the dutch's ability of building banks. The basic plot is get 6 banks before aging to colonial (you will need to send the cards bank of rotterdam and amsterdam) also keep constant villager production. Upon aging to colonial you should be able to age to fortress relatively quickly. And ship the 'unique dutch church improvement card' (ive forgotten the name) so you can have a total of 8 banks. Age to industrial and send two factories. By about 18 minutes, at the latest you should have all 8 of your banks, 2 factories and 50 villagers.

Then, have a revolution. Buy the stadhouters and the heavy cav from the church make some skirmishers and ruyters, (which you should upgrade) you will probably have several shipments available (i like touse the thing that gives you 2000xp or something) and ship in some gatling guns, forts or colonial militia. March your army into your opponents base.

Your army should consist of 30 stadhouters, 50/54 colonial militia (if you maxed villagers then aged to industrial) + 16/32 more colonial militia, up to 10 gatling guns, 20-30 skirmishers and ruyters and 5 waardenglers.

If you dont win by 30 minutes into the game, you have probably lost as your economy will not be able to keep up with your opponents.

The only cards you need to send are:
Bank of Rotterdam
Bank of Amsterdam
Factory Wagon
Robber Barons (another factory)
Unique dutch improvements card

But feel free to add others.


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Re: Dutch TR20 Revolution- Created By AirGuitarHero- Tad 1.01a Patch

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:46 am

Overall, this looks like a unique concept that will catch the opponent off guard and could destroy a lot if he has a boom set up. The use of a post revolution economy equivalent to around 50 villagers is very useful, and allows ruyters/cannons to supplement the push thereafter.

Tips to Improve

1. Pack Tulip Speculation, Heavy Fortifications and Infantry Combat into the deck, and try and ship them in that order before the revolution.
2.If you save shipments for the revolution, ship Colonial Militia if they've got cav, ship Gatling Guns if they've got infantry. Dont play this on water, as the rush will be harder to pull off. Therefore, Ironclads don't need to be shipped. Also, since this is an agressive push, shipping Forts would only slow this down imo.


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