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Sioux Survival Guide
By Smear
Everyone Thinks the Sioux canít match up to Civís like France or Spain. France can just Fast fortress and bring cuirs and cannon up your ass. Spain will fast fortress too and just spam shipments at you until you run out of resources. Correct? What about iro? It seems nobody can beat there Fast fortress. And letís not forget about Dutch, Russia, and British who all need to be dealt with at some time or another. Well I am going to teach you how to beat this, along with some more strats to beat other civs. Letís start with the basics of the Sioux.

Basics of Sioux

This guy is OP. He has a speed of 8.10 and can convert treasure guardians. With him you can scout the map for very good treasures in less then a minute depending on the map. Not to mention you can raid with him and nobody can catch you in age 2 and even age 3. And why stop with raiding? Put him behind some wakina or cetan and they can hit and run like no other. ALWAYS Use your Warchief even if you donít think he will help. He probably will.

~No houses:
Having no houses is one of the best advantages in this game. You can make units whenever you want. You donít have to spend as much time chopping wood and you can ship shipments that take up 60 pop room! And not have to worry.

Sioux cavalry is some of the best in the game.
-Dog soldier shipments, though small, can really turn the tide of the game in age 2 or 3.
-Axe riders can cost a lot but hey youíre Sioux you donít need food right? They are stronger then normal hussar too and are a raiding machine when combined with your warchief.
-And lets not forget Rifle Riders. These guys with proper hit and running techniques can stop any rod spam/jan spam/musket/cav spams. Donít forget to always hit and run with them.

We all know that Sioux are supposed to be a cavalry civ. But somewhere along the line ES decided to hand them some pretty good infantry. Letís take a look at them.
-Cetan. These guys can be easily spammed in age 2 and can take out most other LI with proper micro. And when supported by axe and bears they are a force to be reckoned with.
-Clubman. IMO these guys arenít that great. But if you need some extra siege then the shipment of them isnít that bad. But only make them if youíre trying to take down some buildings. More on this later when we get to the club rush.
-Wakina. Let me let you in on a little secret I learned from _sephiroth_. These little guys are OP and nobody knows. Theyíre dirt cheap, 60 food and 30 gold for a unit that almost matches a forest prowler? Are you serious? Lets take a look at there stats:

60 food 30 gold, 85 hit points, 29 seconds to build, 121 villa time, 16 damage with bonus

Forest prowlers
50 food 65 gold, 110 hit points, 33 seconds to build, 167 villa time, 18 damage with bonus

The Wakina Rifle Costs less, only has 25 less hitpoints, takes less time to build and less time to gather for and only has 2 less damage then a forest prowler. Not that bad for a civ thatís supposed to use OP cavalry.

Ok now lets move on to some strats.

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