The FFF- Sourced from HG- AoE Patch 1.08

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The FFF- Sourced from HG- AoE Patch 1.08

Post  ~Admin~Kestrel~ on Fri Aug 01, 2008 3:31 am

As you all mostly know I'm a big france supporter, sadly I think they are the most sucky civ besides dutch, and this strat will help with their seemingly weak mid game econ.

Cards needed:

700 coin


Age 3 resouce cards help, 3 cuirs is a must for their heavy first hit.
Goal of strat:

To box in your foe.

To be able to boom with little stopping you.

And lastly the all time greatest forward base.

To counter any FF (mostly)
The BO:
First start out with 3 CDB on crates while 2 vills go off to hunt.
You should age using standard 14 CDB count and then pick the outpost politician and send it as close as possible to the other guys base, it for best results make sure it's between you and the enemy base.

As soon as you start aging switch about 5 CDB to coin if you don't have a starting 100 coin crate, switch the rest to wood until you have 250 wood for a TP and build it right away, if you have 100 coin already leave them on food. (thanks sephiroth for tip on TP)

Once aged send 700 coin and Queue up 2-3 CDB, send about 5 to 6 on Coin as soon as the 700 coin arives, When you have the resouces to age select the exiled price politician for a speedy age up, and send all but 4 CDB onto wood.

Select to recive shipments from the Forward outpost and send the fort as soon as you age build it right next to the outpost, if done fast enough the fort will be built before the other person ages, in some cases the CDB gathering Wood should get you 600 wood sometime between the time you age and the time the fort is built.

Build a Town center as close as you can to the enemy base also, without him seeing you, if done correctly you should have the enemy 75% boxed in and unabled to get the resources he need and make him almost worthless in age 3, and any shipment he can throw at you, you should be able to defeat without much effort, Just keep booming and deflecting his attacks, get the 3rd TC up soon after the 2nd, if the enemy trys to go around your fort you should be able to spam pikemen right into his base from your fort and do alot of damage.

The reason why I suggest 3 cuirs as a must is that card saved me when my fort was being seiged by pikemen, I sent it out of the fort and those cuirs killed the pike before they could change and attack, if under 10 pikes you should be able to kill them without any loses and then go off to raid and keep him boxed in even mor.

Sorry for any bad grammer and such, I'm really sick and I don't feel up to proof reading it

So, what do you think?



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